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Wtf Yamaha?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vladpp, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. #1 vladpp, Oct 13, 2009
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    According to their research a motorcycle requires too much skill and some people feel excluded.

    Their answer:
  2. i like it and it if comes out here i reckon we could very well end up with one
  3. So it's a bike for people that cant ride?
  4. Whats with all these crazy 4 wheeled contraptions of late?
  5. It looks rather cool, but Im wondering how big it is? The vid says "roughly" the same width as a motorcycle......what, a goldwing with a fairing extension??
  6. I wonder if it can hold a decent wheelie?...
  7. So what happens when you get some epic lean?

    Does the suspension on the one wheel extend out or do you have like two wheels airborne? I can forsee some stability issues for corners that require some big lean..... and how the hell do you countersteer a four wheeled vehicle???

    I'm so confused!!!
  8. That one's easy. You need to understand how a motorcycle steers first. You first counter-steer to throw the bike off balance. The bike starts to fall in the opposite direction of the steer (conservation of momentum), and into the corner. When you decide that the bike has reached its desired lean level you stop counter-steering and the bike's front wheel then turns into the corner (much like a car) and that's what steers the bike around the corner.

    With a 4-wheeled vehicle that leans, the concept is the same. Counter-steer to put the vehicle off-balance and lean into the corner, and then stop counter-steering so the front wheels turn into the corner and steer it, and so stops the vehicle from falling over further.
  9. BTW, I really like it. Allows people who for whatever reason are unable to hold a bike upright at standstill (disability for example), but still get the same thrill of leaning a vehicle into the corners like a motorbike. It'd be about as close as it gets to the real thing.

    As for extreme lean angles, yeah, once you got past the range of the outer suspension's ability to compensate, it'd just start riding on the two inside wheels.

  10. hence why we would have one parked here....

    I do wonder if you would have to have a drivers lic or riders lic to work one though
  11. Nothing unique about the suspension except that they have done it on the rear as well as the front (Think Piaggio MP3). What makes it interesting from my point of view is that it is a bike not a scooter ins styling
  12. I'd check it out... it intrigues me. :)
  13. I like it!
  14. I'd suggest that since the video is date-stamped November 2007, this idea died the death it deserved to die :LOL:
  15. Awesome for people with leg/ankle... even spinal injuries who can no longer put a foot down at lights.