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WTF was this vandal thinking?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by smidge, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. My bike is locked up and garaged every night, it spends its days around pyrmont mostly, parked in broad daylight and in view of lots of passers by. This is the way it is until i can find decent secure parking in the area...


    its most definately been hacked at, down to the metal of the cable, the throttle still functions fine which is why i didn't notice sooner (in the dark the night before)
  2. Move to Wollongong!
  3. its got an alarm that goes off you you move or hit the bike more than once

    of all the things you can have a go at on a bike, the throttle cable??
  4. probably hoping you'd leave a disabled bike and come back for it at 3am.
  5. some brain dead junky deadbeat.. ugh ha ugh ha ... this ul be furnay, he would have said.
  6. idiot probably thought it was the ignition wires. :/

    thanks for the heads up about pyrmont though.
  7. heard of a few issues there. ive used Kent st a few times with no probs..although i have heard of bikes being dominoed there
  8. Are you SURE it's been played with?

    If it was hacksawed they'd have smacked into a bunch of stuff, and would have got through it bloody easily. There's a lot easier stuff to vandalise as well. Are you sure it hasn't been rubbing on something?
  9. Mr 0.25 wit:

    yeah at first i thought it must have been accidental or something but nope, its literally hacked up, with a knife by the looks of it... makes sense as they would have got through it with a saw or pliers probly weren't that organised
  10. Got a larger pic?
  11. Yep definitely cut with a knife or stanley blade.
    Pure vandalism is all.
    Hope those farkers are caught
  12. Maybe they thought it was the brake line? Got any enemies?
  13. yeah i thought that was a possibility too...

    no enemies with the balls to let me know they are enemies!

    they could have at least left a note saying

    'dear smidge, we just stanley knifed your break (sic) line so you will die, signed Rodger McTofftoff'
  14. ^^

    wow, that is some really bad cutting.
  15. Jealous Pricks........... I hate pointless vandalism (not that any vandalism has a point) but its like keying someones car or bike. Just pisses off and upsets the owner, I honestly cant see what joy someone would get from doing it :?
  16. My powers of deduction (I'm a bit of a synical chap) would say if anything, maybe you have a pissed off neighbor. You don't happen to have early morning starts, or come home regularly after midnight do you?

    A brain dead neighbor would be thinking "If I cut this here thingo coming out of the make noise lever, yeah, that'll fcuk him."

    I bet he was pissed when it still started the next day.

    Wanna have some fun with it? Print up a dozen notes that all say "Dear neighbor, thankyou for vandalising my bike, rather than asking me to be quiet. Lucky for you we have it on the CCTV that protects my property. The bill will be in the post."

    Bang em in all the local letter boxes, with your address on the top. The ONLY people that won't come around to see wtf you are talking about, will be the one that already knows. :)
  17. Well you can add Kirribilli to that list too then and... :roll:
  18. my bikes pretty quiet, and i'm way too much of a night owl to be doing any early morning starts...

    i actually added neighbours to my list of reasons not to get noisy pipes

    no i'm 99% sure it happened around work, people dont look twice when you go up to a bike (without your gear on) and start messing with it, a friend tried this as an experiment about 40 people walked past without a second look

    i understand that people vandalise stuff, but as the topic says, why the fark did they go for ONE of the throttle cables

    don't make no sense!
  19. because people who dont know about bikes would assume that the brakes are cable.. just like a pushy.. throttle cables do look similar to the untrained eye.