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WTF Triumph Rocket

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by matti-san, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. Just popped downstairs for a puff and parked next to my little bike was a Triumph Rocket.

    2.3lt that's nearly 10 times the capacity of my bike. :shock:

    Does anyone own one on here own one, I would like to know what they are like.

  2. one word: expensive (to own, maintain, keep running) :)

    You'll certainly turn heads with it!
  3. I talked to a fella who owned one, and he reckoned that with all the torque, it probably had 1 or 2 gears too many!

    A monster of an engine, overall I reckon the bikes look quite good.

    I'd still rather a tuned v-max though if I was after a stonking cruiser.
  4. Including your own if you give it the full berries.

    Apparently it can pull 2G from a standing start. That's the same as the maximum a GP bike will pull in any corner, on any circuit in the world.
  5. I read somewhere the other day that the only bikes with more torque than the Rocket are the prototype diesel bikes that are being made now...
  6. Someone asked me why you would get a bike that big, the only answer I could come up with "Cause you can" :LOL:
  7. its a nice though but hows this for balls:


    thats one of my fav images... oh and this guy is nuts...


    yep wheelie a rocket 3
  8. Hahaha!
    Yes Paul, just a wee bit different!
  9. . . you can't lane split with them !
  10. But you can split lanes with them :wink:
  11. Hey Hornet, do you know why they call it a BSA Rocket 3 when it looks like it's a twin? (serious question)
  12. why would you want to... nice comfy seat! scaring small children with the exhaust in daewoo's :LOL: fun for the whole family!!!
  13. well i don't own one, but my uncle does.... bought it to tour onwith wife, and trailer they go away a fair bit on the bike.... also now uses it for the one day short rides..... as he struggles to ride the hd, as he just misses the torque of the rocket :LOL: oh funniest thing about this is he is probably only 5'5" and about 50-60kg, and when he sits on it he looks so funny :LOL: but he enjoys it...... so did i when he took me out on it :shock: :grin:
  14. But if you ride one of them, people are always going to think you're over-compensating for something...
  15. I had a 20 minute ride on one at a Triumph ride day a couple of months back. Seriously, it nearly ripped my arms out of my sockets when I gave it a twist, makes so much grunt from even 1500rpm . It was actually easy to ride, but having never ridden a cruiser before I couldn't come to grips with the feet forward riding position. And if you give it a rev while you're standing still the torque nearly tips it on its side. Quite a fun thing to ride, really!