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WTF Stories from papers

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Jeffco, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. I heard this (see below) yesterday morning and nearly snorted coffee through the nose, and then I thought surely there's got be other great WTF moments.

    So here it is a thread for the truly stupid, or those truly stupid moments that make you smile.

    Woman caught driving FIVE times over the limit after she got lost and stopped to ask police for directions
    • Woman gets lost in Melbourne CBD less than 3 kilometres away from her home
    • The driver approached police, who were attending an unrelated accident, for help when she couldn't find Fitzroy
    • Highway Patrol officers sensed something was up and asked her to undertake a breath test
    • The 39-year-old registered 0.271 more than five times the legal limit
    • Her licence was torn up on the spot and her car impounded
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  2. You see, THIS is why men are smart enough not ask for directions!!!
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  3. That can't have been easy.
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  4. Australian venues ban 'narcissistic' selfie sticks

    The promoter of the Soundwave music festival, held in major cities across Australia, has vowed to crack down on "selfie" sticks, saying they are preventing concertgoers from enjoying the show.

    Promoter AJ Maddah's concerns come as the Sydney Entertainment Centre, now Qantas Credit Union Arena, confirmed to Fairfax Media that it too had recently cracked down on them by banning their use.


    I am at a bit of a loss to understand the Selfie craze. Particularly at concerts, on the stage you have roaring pyrotechnics, spinning lasers, musicians in full flight of performance and you decide to watch it through your tiny screen. WTF
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  5. It's the whole "pics or it never happened" saying. People have now just taken it to the literal level.
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  6. I'm just waiting for someone to use a selfi stick to hit someone with and the question will be raised what's the difference between selfi sticks and telescopic batons (which are prohibited). There will have to be forums and inquiries into it, which will probably end up with nothing being resolved, and something else that people won't know what's legal and what's not...
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  7. do they sell these selfi stick at sexy land?
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  8. yes
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  9. because too easy to hide drugs in them, and takes security too long to check them all?
    to that end, surely it helps partygoers enjoy the show? :D
  10. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/w...-occasional-rows-with-housemates-9996475.html

    German court rules that men ARE allowed to stand up to urinate - but 'must expect occasional rows with housemates'


    Decision comes after a landlord tried to retain €1,900 from a tenant's deposit to pay for repairs to a marble lavatory floor which had allegedly 'lost its sheen' by being regularly sprinkled with urine

    Tony Paterson [​IMG]

    Thursday 22 January 2015

    A A
    For millions of German men it is masculinity’s last domain. But for their wives, girlfriends and partners, it is often the perennial bane of their domestic lives. The question is now: does a man have a legal right to do what comes naturally and pee standing up?

    In Germany, the issue is certainly no matter for jokes. Lavatories in cafés, cinemas and even in private homes are often equipped with red light or “no entry” stickers ordering all male users not to pee im stehen – standing up. They often come complete with graphics showing men exactly how to manage the task of sitting urination.

    Men have hit back with the term sitzpinkler, which implies that any man who urinates sitting down is a less of a man. Cartoonists have gone further and depicted men interpreting the “not standing” rule all too literally by lying on their backs on the floor while desperately trying to pee into the lavatory bowl.

    But today a German court finally answered the question that has caused strife in Teutonic households for decades. It ruled that men can indeed enjoy the privilege of peeing standing up even though, as the male judge put it: “They must expect occasional rows with housemates.”

    The Düsseldorf court’s decision came after a landlord tried to retain €1,900 (£1,440) from a tenant’s €3,000 deposit to pay for repairs to a marble lavatory floor which had allegedly “lost its sheen” by being regularly sprinkled with urine. Judge Stefan Hank insisted that male tenants could not be held to account for collateral damage in households and threw the case out. He said that lasting damage to marble floors from urine was virtually unknown.
  11. http://www.cbs12.com/news/top-stories/stories/vid_23754.shtml

    Man, 28, accused of beating 92-year-old girlfriend because she wouldn't take her meds

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) -- A 28-year-old man in Memphis is behind bars, accused of beating his 92-year-old girlfriend because she wouldn't take her meds, CBS affiliate WREG reports.

    Thomas Standley was placed under after police were called to their home Tuesday night around 10pm.

    Police said Standley choked Willie Frances Robinson and violently shook her after she refused to take her medicines.

    The victim's daughter said the 92-year-old victim let Standley move in with her about a year ago to help her with housework and medications.

    Standley is charged with aggravated assault, domestic assault with bodily harm, adult abuse/neglect/exploitation according to the Shelby County Sheriff's Inmate website.

  12. nice bloke hey?
  13. Does this mean the proof is at hand :]
  14. If one ever needs more proof that we are getting way too regulated in the western world - look no further. Next they'll be ruling which way we wipe our butts.
  15. This guy has got to be the luckiest SOB going around at the minute. From Boston USA today.

    & yes he survived & duly charged with drink driving offences
  16. Whilst we're on the sinkhole phenomenon this form south korea two days ago

  17. Seem like 50 shades of shit I mean grey is that good after all

    Mexican woman arrested for masturbating watching Fifty Shades of Grey
    A WOMAN has been arrested for masturbating as she watched Fifty Shades of Grey in a cinema.

    The actions of the woman, 33, upset fellow moviegoers as they watched Sam Taylor-Johnson’s film adaptation of E L James’s bestseller in the city of Sinaloa in north-western Mexico, La Verdad reported.

    The aroused woman was sitting in the 12th row of the cinema and her actions were reported to management, who called in police. The woman was arrested and handcuffed — we are unaware if this heightened her arousal — before being led out of the venue.
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  18. 2015 Wanderlust World Guide Awards were recently announced here are 16 ridiculous questions guides get asked

    1. At what elevation do the deer turn into elk?

    2. Do you get female sperm whales?

    3. How much does Mount McKinley weigh?

    4. Is there water all the way round this island?

    5. Why doesn't this island float away?

    6. Is all this natural? (asked in Banff National Park)

    7. Would the lightening be faster if it didn't zigzag?

    8. Can I bring cutlery into Australia?

    9. What do you do with the snow when it melts?

    10. What is actually in the unexplored part of the cave?

    11. Is the water in the pool rough because it is sea water? (asked on a cruise ship)

    12. Do these Canadian flags come in other colours? (asked in a souvenir shop)

    13. Why have they let Hawaii become so Americanised?

    14. Do we have to stay up til midnight to change our clocks?

    15. Is that the same moon we get back home in Texas?

    16. Am I okay to ride in the float plane with breast implants?
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  19. Why is it important enough to mention it was the 12th row?
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