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WTF stories from Life

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ibast, Dec 12, 2015.

  1. I thought I'd start a thread about the WTF moments from our day to day life.

    I'll start with a story that happened at a pub in the Rocks. I went out with some work mates and had been drinking since lunchtime. It broke up around dinner time, but I thought I'd grab a bite to eat and have a non-alcoholic beverage before catching the train home. Basically doing the right thing.

    So I popped into a pub I used to quite like. It's one of the quieter one. I ordered a meal and got a drink. Whilst I was eating this group of young people come and sat in my line of site. When I had finished my meal, and almost finished my drink one of the guys looks at me and drags is knife across his throat.

    WTF! Being drunk, maybe I held eye contact longer than I realised, so I get up and walk over and sit down beside him to have a chat about what it's all about. I sat down side-by side, not in his face and start to try and figure out what the problem is. Within about 30 seconds securityare there asking me to leave.

    Keep in mind I'm showing no aggressive body language what-so-ever and three of his mate are leaning over me and security asks me to leave. WTF?

    I was leaving anyway, so it was with bemusement I went outside and had a chat with them. When I get ouside one of the guys snatches the remaineder of my drink off me. Me: "It's a lemon, lime and soda mate". He says something about no drinks outside. I'm thinking I'm only here because you asked me, but I bite me tongue.

    He then asks me what happened. He's actually not too bad. He listens and says "you've probably had too much anyway" and I agreed, although I'm still annoyed that it's me that's been singled out. The other security guy, however, is full-on in my face. Basically telling me my story is bullshit because I should have come to them. I just explain I was trying to settle the situation, but he's having none of it.

    I'm trying to chat to the more reasonable one, but meat-head is just screaming at me, trying to provoke me. One of them says something along the line of young people just trying to have a drink and I'm there. WTF because I'm older I can't sit and have a quiet meal without being threatened with a knife? And somehow it's my fault?

    In the end I just walk away, but even then meat head tried to provoke me, "don't shake your head at me . . . "
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  2. meth will do that to a bouncer...
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  3. #3 ibast, Dec 12, 2015
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    didnt think of that. I just thought he thought he had an IQ about 40 points above what it actually was and wanted to demonstrate his manhood.

    Maybe he just wasn't used to dealing with people being reasonable
  4. WTF episodes?

    Sex toys ... doing searches of patient belongings and coming across (forgive the pun) 'toys' ....it's a whole new world out there (another pun LOL)
  5. horse.
    Apparently, only in Dubai.
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  6. in other countries, they'd use a fake horse :p