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WTF- Police?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Rusti_GotRage, Jan 25, 2011.

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  1. #1 Rusti_GotRage, Jan 25, 2011
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    Maybe I'm just being paranoid, or maybe not...

    Was passing through Glenroy towards Broadmeadows last night, siting in the left hand lane at around 55km/hr. In my rearview mirror I see this divvy van come screaming through traffic with his lights going.

    Being a conciencous chap, I slowed back to 50 and eased over to let him pass.
    The divvy van instead sits right on my arse long enough that I decide to indicate and pull over to chat with him as it seemed obvious that he wanted to chat with me.

    He slowed with me initially, then suddenly he brakes right and whilst straddling both lanes, he zips past me with barely an inch or two between us.

    He then pulls in front of me - rather close and then continues off at a great rate of knots, before pulling off into the side street just prior to the Jacana overpass where he turns his lights off and just sits there....

    Not sure what exactly was going on, but I was left feeling decidedly unimpressed about the whole experience.

    Not going to stop me riding or anything, but still unimpressed...

    Just saying....

  2. Here's a pic to help cheer you up :)
  3. Probably had a call to something that was in the process of being canceled when he caught up to you.

    The close shave wasn't cool however.
  4. you should have reported him.
  5. Last night I watched a cop car lights and sirens scream down a suburban street at I reckon a good 120kph. Now I understand that they need to respond to some jobs quickly, but this guys was driving like a right idiot. Their were kids everywhere on bikes, and he went right past an sporting ground and local PCYC. I tried to get his plate but he was driving to fast.
  6. Love the pic :]

    Seen something like that once but with a NSW paddywagon that had rolled onto its side for a rest when the driver thought they would try a "fast" u turn at a set of traffic lights.
  7. JD - Epic photo is epic :p
    You were 100% right - it DID make me smile! :D Thanks!

    Holly - I hear ya...I do.... and the thought DID occur to me, but I work in the security industry and I've worked reasonably closely with the plod in the past. I tend to try and cut them some slack where I can - especially the station guys (which these were).
    TMU - that's a different kettle of fish.

    Since getting on Netriders, I've become a lot more paranoid regarding the police, especially when I'm on the bike. I'm wondering how much my impression of that incident was coloured by my paranoia.

    In the light of day (and buffered by some sleep), a re-analysis of the incident:- when I was a cyclist (bicycle-kind) I would be over on the shoulder and passed by traffic with a similar margin of distance all the time. Last night, I had moved over to the left wheel track and was slowing into 2nd, so I was probably hitting around 30km/hr at the point they overtook, and the margin was probably the same.

    Maybe - being on the motorcycle, I'm just expecting more room on overtakes and THEY may have felt it was a safe and reasonable distance, after all they were lights-a-flashin' so if they WERE on a call to something else as ibast suggests, that would probably have been foremost in their minds, not giving a learner extra room in case he's nervous...

    I know - it sounds like I'm making excuses for them, but again, it WAS a station car, not TMU, so my paranoia about them being after me - well.... not EVERYTHING is about me (Hard to believe I know, but it's true!) and besides, I've been riding a motorcycle on the roads a bare 72hrs at this point, so snap judgments and finger-pointing may be a tad premature.

    It could also be a case of me simply needing to harden the f*** up and stop being so precious about things...

    I guess only experience and time will tell. I'm still well and truly at the bottom of the learning curve!

    That said - I'm seriously looking at a Go-Pro for the handlebars, or a contour-cam for the helmet... sorta like a black box for my rides... just in case...
  8. Hoons with badges. Once the government has run out of other people to point their finger at they'll eventually get to them.
    My only complaint is, I don't have a badge.
  9. It's not so much the close overtake as being the problem, it's whether it was necessary?

    I'm going to tick the box marked NO √
    Correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. Numerous times in canberra I have seen cops in wagons and vans going very fast through the CBD and residential suburbs. Anyone would have their license taken away from reckless driving, and thats not just a technicality, the number of pedestrians and cars coming out onto the road from obscured places makes the police behaviour extremely dangerous.

    The problem is catching people becomes a game to them, not a reasonable choice between what is the safest outcome.
  11. Given that they had the entire right hand lane to use...
    ...I'm going with no... *shrug*
  12. You can get a badge here:
  13. So many to choose from!!!

    I'm after a military one that says 'Major Hoon', so i can wear it as a badge of honour.
    ...or Deputy Hoon. I think the po-po should deputise us.
  14.  Top
  15. [​IMG]

    JD i love it!!!

    Just need to photochop 'everywhere' in place of alaska and she's good to go.
  16. My new career path


    Is it just me or do the Hoons look a little.......slow?

  17. Copper was on his phone doing 70 in a 60 zone yesterday. I would have reported him but I only knew he was doing 70 because.... Still, when I pulled up behind him at a red I motioned to him in his mirror then mocked holding a phone to my helmet and shook my head, he put it down a few seconds later.
  18. That was just do he could write down your rego number. Or maybe just get his gun ready.
  19. Maybe he was calling for backup so he had witnesses to say he had to taze the rider, just had to.

    I was coming over the Swan St bridge and got chopped up by a 4WD not using their indicators. I would of darted up the inside and given their mirror a slappin but a patrol car was just two cars ahead and I know who would of gotten pinged for being 'unsafe'.

    I watched on gobsmacked as the 4WD then went on and pulled in front the cop car without an indicator. I'm thinking WTF? Do they really not care about anything else besides speed nowadays? So I moved up beside the copper to get a better idea of what planet they were from and yep you guessed it, planet blonde talking on her mobile phone and oblivious to what's around her.

    Nobody was speeding, everybody was safe. Motorcyclist was cranky.
  20. If memory serves me correctly, all emergency services personal (Police, Fire, Ambulance) are exempt from the new laws regarding mobile phone use while driving. There was extensive discussion about the laws on here some time back. Search is your friend, 'cos I'm too lazy.
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