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Wtf?! Near miss with splitting motorcyclist

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by cb rookie, Mar 29, 2012.

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  1. So I was cruising into Bris from the M1 this morning, and as I was approaching the Clem 7 entrance, I found my self travelling a bit faster than most of the traffic, albeit at the speed limit. Although the traffic was congested about 3kms prior, it had been quite free flowing, with ample lane space. So as I went to change lanes, I was quite shocked (and appalled) when a ninja 636 nearly clipped me because he was splitting at about 130km/h.

    WTF is with this? nearly getting hit by another bike? Anyone else had this or similar.

    Suffice to say, it ruined my nice ride in this morning.
  2. Re: Wtf?!

    Changing lanes without looking out for all vehicles...
    you have the correct username....:p

    learn from it....
  3. Re: Wtf?!

    yeh i have had this happen before.. i have little tear drop mirrors on my harley because im tough but you cant see shit out of them... i always do a big long head check now... i have come close to a fireblade rider before.. totally my fault ..i learnt from it
  4. Re: Wtf?!

    Only 130km/h? Did he get into second gear after that?
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  5. Re: Wtf?!

    So it's a case of SMIDSY for you?
  6. Re: Wtf?!

    you SHOULD know a bike can be on top of you in a split second, look for the headlight in your mirror way before the headcheck and DO the headcheck!!!
  7. If you can't look before changing lanes stay off the road. Perfect username.
  8. Re: Wtf?!

    you f*ckin idiots, I did the full checks. Head check is for a lane, not some dumb c*nt riding illegally up the middle
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  9. Re: Wtf?!

    No head checks or better still your EYES are for seeing then knowing WTF is going on around you 100% of the time...

    But don't take my word for it, just keep riding expecting other to do WHAT YOU THINK THEY SHOULD BE DOING and you'll be a regular writing in the near misses...

  10. Re: Wtf?!


    I have caught myself a few times moving from a lane between traffic so as to start lane splitting without checking whether or not another bike is lane splitting behind me! Gave myself a swift uppercut as punishment - would have hurt my hand on the helmet but luckily was wearing gloves.

    Assume nothing.
  11. Re: Wtf?!

    Calm down a minute and think about this. Let's accept that you did the checks (good) but you were still caught off guard (bad). It's a waste of time arguing about fault because that's not going to stop it happening again. Whether he was illegal or not doesn't matter when it comes to your survival.

    We all know it's not easy for a rookie on the road, but that's just the way it is, and ultimately you learn deal with it, or you die. That's the reason for the harsh comments.

    My suggest is you forget about who's the idiot, or who's breaking the law, and start thinking about what YOU can do to make sure it doesn't happen again. You've accepted the symbol of personal responsibility by getting your bike license, now it's time to accept the reality.
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  12. Re: Wtf?!

    A headcheck won't do shit if the motorbike in question is behind a car. I agree with what you're saying there. But the matter of fact is that old matey was going fast enough to not be in the field of view for my mirrors and headcheck so that when I turned forward he was on top of me.
    It was compounded by the fact that I passed that motorbike entering through the on-ramp 2 kms prior, while he was far under the speed limit. He obviously engaged in some keen kitten-killing behaviour to catch up to me.

    I should've known better than to post it here
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  13. Re: Wtf?!

    Not arguing that. I'm used to the fact that protest is futile, just avoid the situation as best as possible. In the same trip, I was nearly hit heaps of times by people doing dumb shit. The point of the post was to highlight my surprise that a near miss would occur from a beligerent rider - normally we're meant to be on the "same side".

    I thought the point of this section was to blow off steam, not have people tell you to stay off the road because of another's actions..
  14. Re: Wtf?!

    A motorcycle splitting coming from behind you is easy enough to see as you change lanes if you've looked correctly...

    Sorry but you're the FAIL here because you didn't see him coming where you should have.
    Now another thing, don't be so typical of the "I did no wrong" mob because this is not about the other guy, ITS ABOUT YOU..

    If he would have cleaned you up WTF does it matter who was in the wrong..

    People here are trying to help by telling you what you need to do to stay alive which you'll find out quick enough has nothing to do with being legal..
    If you can't see that then you may be one of these "I don't speed so I'm safe" riders..

    Learn buddy learn..
  15. Re: Wtf?!

    Where else would you post it?

    Ok, hypothetical: the bike hit you.

    Who's to blame?

    The other rider, 100%? Sure, could be.

    Still gunna f*cking hurt you mate.

    No good being in the right & dead, so what are you going to do next time to avoid it?
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  16. Re: Wtf?!

    I've learnt everything I need to know now.

    I can understand the "advice", though I take exception to stay off the road, and also the fact that other threads in this section don't get the same response, though judging by what's been said here, still meet the criteria for it (partcularly the WTF does it matter who was in the wrong).
  17. Re: Wtf?!

    This is the same idiocy spouted by car drivers after they hit a bike.

    A head check it to make sure it's okay to do what you're about to.
    It doesn't matter if the person there is riding illegally, on fire, naked, or in a ufo. You're supposed to make sure it's clear before moving across
  18. Re: Wtf?!

    Soo, a car changing lanes that hits a bike which is lane splitting is then at fault?
  19. Re: Wtf?!

    Yes. Fairly obvious I would have thought.

    "I'm right" he said
    As he rode along
    But he's just as dead
    As if he were wrong
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  20. Re: Wtf?!

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