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WTF????!!!!!!! - Man-eating-mouse!! LMAO! :lol:

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Grrrl, Sep 23, 2005.

  1. actually, he doesn't eat the mouse... he eats... hey, what is that thing called? the Cursor? yeah, that's it... Duh!
  2. I think you have a little too much time on your Hands Grrrl.... maybe you need a hobby.... or maybe need to go for another ride...
  3. Can't see the "mouse" :cry:

    Anyways, misunderstood your topic thred..I was thinking of a mouse eating a man.... :eek:
  4. I meant the Cursor!! If you poke him in the eye enough times, he grabs the cursor and eats it!!!
  5. i like the change of express when you hold it over the again button
  6. I didnt notice that the frst time :p that's funny as it's almost funnier than the rest of it :p :p
  7. yes, i do need another ride!
    :shock: :shock: and i need to slow down on the coffee :shock:
    where can i ride too? where can i go? 8-[
  8. Hehe, I didn't notice that the first time either. Had to go back and check it out myself :D