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WTF: Lamborghini Motorcycle???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by pete the freak, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. Quote "Apparently less than 10 of these bikes were ever built, making them possibly the most exclusive vehicle to carry the Lamborghini name."

    Thank Dog only 10 were ever made! If I ever come across one of those deeply, deeply ugly bastards, I'll feel duty bound to kill it with a stick.....
  2. Bad Inci, bad.

    You can't kill it, it's a Lambo. It doesn't matter how ugly it is, it's a Lambo, and it deserves to live (in my garage...) :LOL:
  3. Maybe, but I'll give it this, I now know where Suzuki dug up the design idea for the Across.......bastard son of ugly bastard.
  4. You'll be wanting one of these too then:


  5. Pewtrid!!!!!

    Does the duct tail bellow downwards for ground effects?
  6. I thought it reminded me of the Suzuki Manta Ray (RF900??)

    Apparently it's a 1000cc Kawa engine...
  7. If this were Nettractor and I was into tractors, then yes, I'd prolly want a Lambo tractor... :p
  8. for 1986 the bike is pretty 'modern' looking. I accept that it doesn't comply with modern images of nice looking bikes, but I put it in the same class as the K1... considered 'revolutionary' for the time, but fortunately for us the revolution lost momentum.
  9. So I wonder who has the 10 bikes ever sold, 120hp back in the 80's would have been nice.
  10. Noooooo...ugly, ugly, ugly......this was modern looking in 1986.

  11. Quite similar to Ducati Paso as well ... and yes, thank god this trend didn't last. Of course, we must remain vigiliant - horrible ideas have a way of bouncing back...

  12. I meant it looks somewhat modern by today's standards (single headlight, looks similar to some bikes from the late 90's - someone above mentioned the rf900, etc.).
  13. I like the...umm....the...............nope that is one goddam aweful looking bike!
  14. +1 there... i really don't like the unevenness of the "gills" in the fairings. yukky.
  15. Not much of a Manta Ray there especially at the back.
    I usually like yellow bikes but agree this one is ugly.
  16. No that's a 1990 model I reckon...

    This was a modern looking bike in 1986:

  17. Boo! I _still_ think the K1 is a thing of beauty...
  18. That's a GSX-R 1100 you posted, but you are still right. This is an 86' GSXR-750

  19. That 750 on the tail looked like an 1100 to me...time for a better monitor I think.