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WTF is with tradies?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Smokae, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. In no less than 48 hours, I'm sitting bang on the speed limit, legally, in the right lane, I've had 3 tradies tailgate, abuse, and cut me off. One them almost killed me with the pipe hanging from the back of his POS car. Two of these dickheads no more than 1 minute apart on the same extremely dangerous stretch of road, bumper to bumper 60kph traffic on the left lane, 80 zone; Bulli Pass. They overtake on the left dangerously close to me and other traffic and proceed down at 100+.

    If I'm going to speed, it will be my choice, not because someone wants to get down dangerous bits of road at stupidly high speeds or demand that I put myself in danger by not having a 3 second gap..

    I wouldn't so much care if these cowards got out of their car to use their fists as weapons rather than 1.5 tonnes of metal. One of these tradies that I pulled up at the lights to have a go at had the nerve to tell me that if I want to do the speed limit, I have to be in the left lane (50 and 70 zones!) and that him driving for 25 years meant he was allowed to drive as he pleased. He proceeded, all 5 foot, 60 odd years and less than 60kg, to tell me he would "**** me" if he I wanted to **** with him.

    ...I can say with confidence in my own abilities, a motorcycle boot to the head and chest will leave them coming off second best.

    The worst thing is that one of these days these morons are going to finally pick a fight and I'm going to smack the **** out of them having lost all self control and falling victim to human frailties. Never riding without a camera again, because all 3 of these ****wits would be reported to the police.
  2. Dude, the right hand lane is the "fast lane". If you're going the speed limit, sit in the middle or the left lanes. The right hand lane is generally for people going faster than the speed limit. Not legal, no, but it happens - and has done so forever.

    He shouldn't have gotten angry and shit about it, but there's so... there's SOOOO many threads on here about people sitting in the right hand lane going the speed limit and someone coming up their arse and almost killing them.

    If you look in your mirrors and see them approaching quickly, very quickly, then just move over, and then once they're gone, move to the right again. Simple.
  3. He is full of shit. http://www.legislation.nsw.gov.au/f...eg+179+2008+pt.11-div.2-rule.130+0+N?tocnav=y
  4. Of course he's full of shit. However, the guy wants to speed - let him. Move over, let him pass, then go back into the right hand lane.
  5. Yep, but from my memories the Bulli Pass is two lanes. He was in the right lane doing 80 whilst passing traffic doing 60 in the left lane. He is overtaking and to brake and pull in while this knob is close to his rear is asking for trouble. Is it 3 lanes now? It's been years since I have been up there.

  6. The keep left unless overtaking rule has no "unless you are doing the speed limit" clause. You have to keep left unless you are overtaking. It's illegal and rude not to.

    Think about it; how do you know if your speedo is right? You are not the cops and are not professionally trained to judge someone else's speed and your speedo isn't calibrated. Keep left and everyone wins. If they get caught for speeding then you can have the satisfaction of laughing at them but as it stands it is you who is in the wrong.
  7. However, it does have a "only applies on roads over 80 km/h" clause. But agree about the rude point.

    But more particularly, I'm 100% certain the pass is a 60 zone, and only one lane on the way down right up untill couple hundred metres from the bottom. Smokae, where were you? Mt Ousley?
  8. Just a small point - if left lane is doing 60, and he's in the right lane doing 80, then he is overtaking. Sure, if a spot presents itself you could pull back into the left lane to let other traffic through.
  9. Exactly. And as he said, the ute behind him had time to overtake ON HIS LEFT, so he would have had the opportune moment to just move over, let them pass, and then get back into the right hand lane.
  10. Stop making sense!
  11. Whether it's rule or no rule, save any hassle and keep left unless overtaking.
    This "I'm doing the speed limit so I can choose what lane I want" IMO is a legal form of road rage.
    And what's the most dangerous thing about road rage, when you encounter someone with a hotter head than yourself.

    Another point, do you really think you were doing the speed limit just because your speedo said so..
    Somehow I doubt it.
    When I started riding I couldn't understand why at 100kph everyone seemed to pass me at a rapid rate.
    Eventually found that I have to take off 10% my speedo reading for my correct speed.
    That would piss any driver off.
  12. OK re-read it again, so they overtook within your lane? If so, that is just not on.

    Still for your own sake you should consider that it's likely your speedo is 10% low and with you doing a bit under the limit you are probably only doing just over 50 in a 60 zone that should be a 70 or even 80 zone.

    It pisses me off when people do this and being in the right vs a vehicle that is 2 tonnes heavier with a pissed off driver just doesn't equate.
  13. Install a speedohealer on your bike (to display correct calibrated speed) and some reinforced metal toe caps in your boots (to....erm....'strengthen' your boots....)

    ....just kidding :)
    Be careful of wankers on the roads mate.
  14. Was he cute?
  15. I hate gits that sit in the right lane and block traffic, if you are not over taking do the polite thing and move your ass to the left lane. Seriously you wonder why people get cranky when you are the first in a long queue in the right hand lane. One would think after the first you'd have learned to move over let alone after a third incident.

    Just because you believe you are doing the speed limit doesn't mean you have the right to be inconsiderate, there are multiple lanes for a reason to let traffic flow so quit blocking it.
  16. Oh we'd have fun if I came across you on the road.

    People not keeping left is a pet hate of mine.

    When I'm feeling a little cheeky I often wait for them to move over (suitable gap) if they don't I get in front of them, and sit on about 5km/h -10km/h under what they were doing until they move left.
  17. that's what I do to people in the bus lane behind me. i see them enter my lane, then immediately go a LOT slower - in an 80 zone, i'll generally slow down to about 30 or 40k's...
  18. I personally HATE it when people hog the right hand lane thinking they have the right to because they are going the 'speed limit'. Drives me nuts. Move over ya selfish carnt
  19. A pet hate of mine is people that have pet hates.

    Also, small dogs. I just don't like them.
  20. :WStupid:

    worst look ever ...being stuck in the cage and trying to split lanes to get round the fuggin right lane hoggers....