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WTF is the difference b/w a $200 and a $1,000 leather jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Indiana, May 12, 2006.

  1. Ahoy,

    In my search for a first leather jacket, i have found a great variance in the prices. There are leather jackets for $200 or less that claim they look great, provide fantastic protection, will last forever etc. Then there are the $1,000 jackets that claim they do the same...

    Obviously something like a 1K Dainese jacket will be better, but is it $800 better :?: Or are we just paying for a brand :?:
  2. mostly paying for brand i'd think, if you can find a reputable brand that offers a cheaper jacket there's no reason not to get it.. unless you're a poser like me then you'd take a dainese every time :grin:
  3. I have a Race Master Race Gear, armoured Dyno jacket.
    Cost me around $250 odd and i'm well chuffed with the quality and fit.
    I'd personally rather the $800 in my back pocket!
  4. That is a very good question that could (and IMO should) be asked about most of protective gear. We're often told we're paying more for better materials and better quality of construction that will provide better protection. But since the only way of confirming these claims is to crash, testers are in short supply, leaving us instead with empty claims and circumstantial evidence.
    I'm not saying we should not be getting protective gear - but I would very much like to see some independent standards and tests in this area...
  5. yeah cant go wrong with Dainese - Rossi wears one.
    :] serious though the prices can range a whole lot ie last years model and this years model could only be colour diferences and so called extra protection here and there.

    All comes down to what you like - i bought mine because all my bros had one and the one i bought was on sale :]
  6. There are several factors. Here are a few:
    • Quality of the leather - This is important as it needs to be strong and durable.
      Thickness of the leather - The thicker the better. Thicker leather will wear a lot better, and will weather the more serious offs better than there lower greade counterparts.
      Stitching - No point in high grade leather if when you have an off, it starts to fall apart at the seams... literally!
      Fit/Cut - The better the fit, the better the jacket is for you. A loose fitting leather jacket runs the risk of moving up around your shoulders if you slide the right wrong way (if you see what I mean).
      Armour - If a jacket has some, it will cost more. Especially if its good.
      The Posing Factor - This is essentially all of the above with a desirable logo, Alpise Stars, Ducati, etc.
    Bottom line, you get what you pay for, and you can get all of the above for between $400 and $500. Some people are affected by the Posing Factor more than others, and if its a designer type brand you are after, then prepare for costs to soar.
  7. About $800 :LOL: Sorry :LOL:
  8. Even with expensive gear there's usually no guarantee that it'll protect you. If you can find gear that looks well made and has CE approved armour for 200 bucks then go for it - you can use the leftover cash to buy a decent back protector or other gear.
  9. IMHO it would be pretty bloody hard to build a good quality jacket for $200, given the amount of leather and labour involved.

    Again this is my opinion but if you spend upwards of $4-500 then you should be getting a better jacket. Upwards of this figure you are paying for a brand and maybe fancy panels etc.

    The simpler the jacket the less it cost to make so if you do get a cheaper one get one on special or a plain type.

    Of all your riding gear this is the piece you will hang on to longest so it pays to invest in quality. I bought an Alpinestar because yes I like the look but also figured that a brand like this would have a reputation to uphold so could not afford to make dodgy gear, it was also reduced from $899 to $649. I could not or would not have spent $899 on a jacket.

    Have a look at http://www.rmgear.com.au they make some nice jackets for $200 or so.

    Me I would look at this jacket awsome price and very cool jacket except only smaller sizes :( AXO Scar Jacket Was $849.95 Now $299.95 http://www.bikebiz.com.au/shop/enter.html

    So buy the best jacket to can on SPECIAL!!!
  10. As long as the jacket has the same levels of armour, the same type and thickness of leather (as different types and treatments are more resistant to abrasion) then you have the same protection. I doubt you will get anything decent for $200. It's more the difference between the $400 jackets to the $1000 one's. That's where look, fit, feel and brand come into it. Look at it like you do with jeans, denim is denim at the end of that day and you can go into some cheap ass store and get a $20 pair of jeans. You buy $100 plus jeans cos they do actually look much much better. To a certain extent you get what you pay for and some of the cheaper jackets I've seen look like they are styled by blind people and make the wearer look like a muppet. But amongst them you do find the occasional gem that looks good and is priced cheap.

    My advice would be to go try on some dianese, spidi, joe rocket gear at some stores. Remember or write down the model names and sizes and then find them on ebay in the US and get them shipped here for about $500. That way you get the $1000 jacket at the cost of a RJ's.
  11. For just over a thousand you buy a custom made jacket from Tigerangel. :cool:
  12. This is true in the designer area of jeans, but the quality of denim and stitching used in a pair of 501's for example will be better, last longer, look better and keep you warmer than $20 Vic Market jeans.

    But fair point none the less.
  13. Yes, but you dont tend to buy 501's with the button fly with a view toward carrering down the M4 in them on your arse. I suppose like most things its form over function. In my humble opinion you can get a good quality jacket for a decent price (e.g. Ixon, Rjays, Joe Rocket), but when you start looking at Dianese and Apline Stars, you are going for the DG's and Versace of the bike world.
  14. Mixed message I think, do not wear jeans on a bike unless they are draggin or similair!

    And lets not kid ourselves we all are part of a sub culture that has sub cultures within it and the jacket you buy is not always based on rationality, it can be seen as part of the uniform of the sub culture you wish to be a part of. :?

    I've confused myself with that! Simply put I wanted a jacket that would look cool on a sports bike so got the A*. :cool:
  15. I would love an Alpine Star jacket. But I can only afford the Pakistan made pig skin counterpart, Himalayan Star.

    Are US web sites the best place to buy A* apparel?
  16. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  17. Unless it's made somewhere where labour only costs a couple of Aus dollars a day - probably the same countries where the more expensive gear is also made. Using the "jeans" argument how is a 20 buck pair made by Chinese labourers in a sweatshop any better than Levis, made by Chinese labourers in a sweatshop?
  18. Assuming all else is equal nothing.

    But nothing is ever equal, if you are making a product for a well established "quality" brand they will tend to have more strict quality criteria. If you are building for Kmart or Vic Markets quality contol tends to be less strict.

    I go back to my original message by a good quality/well known brand on special. :grin:
  19. I think Levi's beat the workers to ensure better quality. Seriously, its also to do with materials. There are different grades of denim, different dye qualities, stitching, etc (similar to bike jackets). Labour may cost the same, but whats goes into the jeans would be of better quality. Whats more, there would be differing standards of quality control. Jeans are a bad analogy as they are not designed as a piece of safety equipment, whereas a bike jacket is.
  20. True, but I was just picking up on the earlier analogy. Even still given that there are no standards on protective gear (other than helmets) you can't be certain that ANY piece of gear is going to protect you, why I reckon you should have a good look at whatever you're buying regardless of the brand, or the price.