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[wtf is seven hills?]When can I take some one on the back

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by mr zeft, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Hey guys just got my l's few weeks ago
    And just want to noe when I can double someone one the back

  2. Re: When can I take some one on the back

    And you passed the L's test without knowing this?????
  3. Re: When can I take some one on the back

    Oh dear, you passed your L's and are not aware of the legal requirements of taking a pillion?.
    Ok (deep breath) after your l period you go for your probationary license, 12 months after getting your Probationary license you will be able to take a pillion.
    So in Victoria at least, 3 months on L's then 12 months on probation, so a total of 15 months at the very least.
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  5. on green p's
  6. Go nuts. I hear wheelies can be done from Red P's and stoppies are cool from Green P's.
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    Don't need 100% to pass the test, btw. Also, the RTA makes the pool of questions they draw from available for practice, so it may not even be one they ask. As with all tests, people tend only to focus on what will be tested, not what they should know.
  8. Taking a pillion as a learner is beyond the test though.
    It is hammered home in the practise sessions and also during and after the test as it even states the restrictions in the paperwork when you receive the L's, unless that's different in seven hills.
  9. Subject never came up verbally on my Ls or Ps days. Though it is indeed in the written material a few times. Still kind of surprised pillions are ubiquitous enough to get so much ink spent on them.
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    You're absolutely right Tone2. It's a total disgrace in my view and no one should wonder if young riders/drivers don't know half the road rules nowadays. My daughter just did her learners for the car. Basically learned all the test questions of by heart, went to the test, passed with flying colours but doesn't know most of the important rules. It's so stupid, they don't even change the questions one bit. So once you see the question, you already know the answer. Sad state of affairs!

  11. There's also the part where the best way to do the computer hazard perception test is to brute force it.

    The display for the HPT is so piss poor that i failed it twice doing it honestly. Then on a tip from a friend the third time just waited ~5 seconds (iirc) then touched the screen for every excercise and passed that way.

    Meaningful testing and skill development, that. Don't suppose they've gotten better screens in the last few years?
  12. Thanks guy I knew I can't ride with someone on my l's I didn't noe red p's and green p's I can
    Thanks guys