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WTF Insurance??

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by es, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. QBE just told me my insurance has gone up to $310 for third party fire and theft, non negotiable... this is $50 more than last year.
    So I called them and pretended to get a new quote: and they said $600!!
    So I called suncorp... $550!!

    So I called GIO and now I have full comp... for... get this



    lesson of the week... call around.
  2. Pays to shop around.
    I paid $275 for full comp on my gs500f with Suzuki Insurances (Swann Insruance)

    First few calls were all around $500 - $600.
  3. Really confounds when you know that Suncorp owns GIO.
  4. hahaha idiots

    sure does pay to call around
  5. When I was calling around (every insurance company I could think of), there was a MASSIVE difference in quotes.

    My worst was Swann ($3800)
    Ended up with IMR for $1040.

    I could more than halve it by riding naked :butt: (no wait.. a naked bike)... but then I wouldn't have my beast!
  6. That's crazy! Last bike I had 3rd party on was the ER-5 with RACV for about $90 per yr. I have full comp with QBE on the ER-6 for about $275. I don't get how they figure it out either. It's moments like these the world needs Kishy to explain it for us Es. I miss that insurance super hero on the forums. :)
  7. My wife used to work for GIO and was telling me that the difference between third party fire and theft and fully comp is a deliberate ploy to force us, the punters, into the later as the extra paragraphs in the agreement give the companies more clout when it comes to investigating claims and lowers their exposure to nudge nudge wink wink claims.
  8. the plan is to take the cover note back to QBE and say "WTF"

    they have a 'match it' policy.
  9. Funny you mention this es.

    I had to renew my insurance with QBE today, and they told me the premium went up by $40, I decided to shop around and got insurace for half the price at Swann.

    Sometimes it seems like they just pull the prices out of a hat, there seems to be no consistency.
  10. i reckon its nuts; im a year older with more driving exp, the bike is a year older and so worth less, i havent made a claim in that time... but insurance goes up????
  11. Yeah , just getting a new bike, i had quotes from 3400 to 1700.

    Ended up going shannons, on agreed price, for 1680, split over 12 months, it not so hurtful
  12. it might not be cheap for everyone, but was cheaper for me.

    try aami
  13. They will say it's because their costs have gone up, cost of living, global financial crisis, etc, as everyone else does. Insurance doesn't start going DOWN till you get to my age :LOL:.
  14. QBE did the same to me, insurance premium went up by $100.00 or so, i called around got a cheaper quote, called QBE to cancel, and they matched it without questions.. i asked them why did it go up in the first place. since i have a good riding/driving history. no claims, he didn't have an answer.
  15. its because so many people just pay it without questioning.
  16. I had the same thing with the car. RACQ wanted $578 shopped around ended up with $332 through nrma with a few options including agreed value.
  17. LizzyM had the same happen with her car insurance. No claims and reduced value as it was a year older and they put up the price. She rang them to ask why and when she said she was unhappy and would look elsewhere...surprise surprise .. they dropped the price.
  18. QBE's rates are going up. Although, sadly for us, so are most other companies too.

    Always pays to shop around. Just make sure you disclose everything, and read the PDS.
  19. it is a joke the differences. I have to shop every year due to the ZX14 becoming more popular for crashes. lol
  20. QBE advertise that they'll beat any quote... but when the fcuker are that far out... would you bother?