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Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Justus, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. Took my son with me to pick up daughter from school at 3.30pm.

    Pick her up & travel to petrol station before going home. At 3.45pm,
    I indicate as usual & move into the right lane. As I'm merging, I'm
    looking in the side mirror & see a white car start to speed up until he
    is right up my bum.

    He then stays on my arse so close (maybe 30cm) I cant even see
    the front of his car & travels like that for a few hundred metres. He
    then backed off. I'm checking him every couple of seconds. Next
    thing I see is him flooring it and he rams my car pushing it forward.
    Immediate reaction is to brake (as its peak hour traffic). He backs off
    again & f*cken rams me a second time. :shock:

    I indicate & merge back into the left lane with the intention of pulling
    He accelerates until he is level with me. I wind down my window & tell
    him to "f*cken pull over now c*nt". AngeryHit2.

    Hes looks at me for a moment, looks ahead, & then floors it.

    I pull back into the right lane. He turns right off to get off the main road
    (Heatherton Rd) & guns it. First thing I did was grab a pen & write down
    his Reg & Make/Model on the petrol docket. I then get on the mobile &
    ring Emergency Services (112) & ask for Police. I tell the operator that
    I'm following someone whos purposely just rammed me twice. When I
    tell her I've got (2) kids in the car with me, she tells me to stop following
    & head straight to the Police station.

    By this time the fella had gained distance on me but I could still track
    where he was going. Shortly after he pulls into a driveway. I tell the kids
    not to move. I jump out & run up to him as he is getting outta the drivers
    seat. I grabbed him by his top & dragged the prick off the road onto the
    nature strip & knee'd him once in the stomach, then elbowed back of
    neck/head when he bent over.

    When he got up I said to him "Why the f*ck you tried doing a runner on me

    He says "I didnt. I just wanted to go home. This is where I live"

    (More words exchanged) lecture.

    I then get him to get his license out. We exchange details. I then ask him
    where the closest Police stations is. He says Endevour Hills is not far away.
    I tell him to get back into his car because I was going to follow him there.

    On the way to the cops I'm still shaking because of adrenalin, anger & dis-
    belief at what had just happened. I'm thinking about his actions, what he
    said at his place & think to myself "this guy isent all there". Moreso when
    we pull up into the station he parks in a spot clearly marked as for police
    vehicles only. I tell him to move his car & park next to me which he then does.

    The kids stayed in Reception & the both of us get put in seperate rooms
    & I tell the pig exactly what happened. He then goes to talk to the guy then
    comes back to see me. He says the guy admitted it was his fault & rammed
    me because he was upset I came into his lane and that the reason he took
    off was because he was scared when he saw who he had hit and just
    didnt think and wanted to get home.

    I tell the cop "Hes a f*cking idiot. I dont think hes all there" and he shook his
    head & agreed.

    He asks "What do you want to happen because the most that can happen is
    that he is issued with Infringment Notices"

    I tell him its up to him to decide what to do and that I was only reporting the
    incident because he failed to stop.

    Pig says "Look I think it should just be left as is. Hes given you all his details.
    Hes told me he was sorry for everything & you did hit him a coupla time and
    I dont blame you either"

    So I tell him I'm happy to leave the matter as is.

    The fella & I then go back to reception. The pig talks to both of us saying nothing
    else will happen & told the other guy to "pull your head in when youre on the
    roads. What he did to you was justified. Hes a big man & your lucky he didnt
    do more to you. Hes got two kids in the car & your lucky you didnt hurt them".

    When he said that I looked at my (2) kids & felt eyes getting watery.. :oops:
    (but only for a sec or two) :p

    We all then walk outside. The guy says sorry for hitting me & I apologise for the
    same thing. I reached my hand out; we shook hands & then went our seperate
    ways. 1356.

    When I rang claims, the girl consultant couldnt believe the story. :LOL:

    I've calmed down now & its just fortunate I'm on leave. Pissed because tomorrow
    morning I now gotta make time to organise assessment & repair of the vehicles

    All this hassle because of some f*cken fruitloop moron. :evil:
  2. Re: WTF II

    lol did you get elected and i miss it???
  3. Perhaps it's the way you look that people simply want to hit you?? :p

    Whilst we are on the subject of fcuked up froot loops,

    Going to work last night along a dark and deserted road, I'm coming up to the back of a car, the greed limit is 100km/h I'm doing maybe 105 but I'm catching this car at a great rate of knots.

    As I begin to back off he pulls off to the side of the road and I pass them.

    As I get past, aflash of the high beams and back onto the road they pull and they are now motoring.

    I check my high beams to make sure I didn't have them on and was "copping a dose of my own medicine" nope, not on, *shrug*

    Look at the rear view and this car is now so close that I can't see their headlights.

    First though was to throw out the anchors, jump out, use the ASP baton and teach this fcuker some manners.

    Then I though, why me? why would they just pick the first car that came up from behind with no reason at all?

    So I carried on at the same speed and again the high beams are flashing at me, then right up my arse once again.

    The mind goes into overtime trying to work out what my options are, do I take them on? how many are there? are they armed? questions, questions.

    Up ahead there is a couple of roundabouts so I speed up to make sure they don't get around me otherwise it would be easy to cut in front of me and block my road completely.

    I make the Saab as wide as a B-Double leading up to and through the roundabouts and get through in front.

    Get onto the Western Highway and I see them pulling up on my right hand side. At this stage I though, stuff this, i'll motion for them to pull over and we'll fix this.

    The car just about pulls up level with me when I turned to give them the "well come on then arsewipe, pull the fcuk over" all of a sudden they jump on the brakes and drop behind me and slowing :?:

    So I slowed as I wanted them to follow me now, there is a cop shop up ahead and I was about to call them to come out and witness the show, however, they continued along the Western hwy and now they were long gone.

    It's times like these that make you wonder why we aren't allowed to shoot idiots :roll:
  4. Holy shit what an idiot!

    Glad you and the kids are ok.

    This guy is still loose on our roads. Maybe next guy he hits will be a little bloke or a chick. Where abouts is he? N S E or West of city? just so I know if I should be looking out for fruitloops.
  5. yep thats it.....north,south,east and west of the city. fcuk holes like this everywhere. should be looking out regardless.
  6. fruitloop for sure Vic. :? :roll: :evil:

    They just dosent make sence.

    Oh I left something out (just more evidence this guy is not all there).

    When I was at his place he hands me a piece of paper. I knew it was his details
    but didnt take too much notice because I'd already written down all his details. :roll:

    Anyways it was only when I got home (& before I rang Insurance) that I realised
    that he didnt even write down his registration correctly. Only the numbers were

    2nd thing I noticed was his f*cked up uneducated style of writing! giggle.

    I just took the below photo of it 30mins ago. :grin:


    & when I was getting his details, he was sitting on the gutter & holding his head
    with clenched fist & face screwed up as if he was having an aneurysm :?

    Also he made not mention to the pig that I'd hit him twice. It was only after talking
    to me & going back to him that he said it happened; yet he tells him he shit himself
    when I told him to pull over :?

    Fruitloops just dont make sense Vic.


    He lives in Endevour Hills 3802. Not that close to you so you should be OK. emotion-2.

    It was only on the way home that I next talked to my daughter & explained what had

    She said when the car was being jolted it was because we were running out of petrol. 1002.

    Well until recent times I had been leading a mundane, same-shit-different-day kinda life. :LOL:
  7. And they said I was mad when I tried to introduce a private members bill on retrospective abortion
  8. What can you do mate..

    *shoulders shrugged*

  9. Re: WTF II

    I wonder if you called him/them that whilst you were there?
  10. Re: WTF II

    Actually I didnt call him anything Mouth. I was only there for 15-20mins.

    I have kicked & punched the ever loving shit outta cops before (on & off duty police)...
    many times & I have taken numerous hidings from them as well.

    I also did crazy stuff with corrupt Police for many years until it all went to shit.
    I use them for what they were good for & they did likewise. I've had many many years
    of personal experiences with pigs that most people will never experience.

    In the jails for a number of years, thats the only term that is used as well so it loses
    its orginally intented maliciousness after time & become cliche, so for me, to call Police
    pigs is no bigger a deal than calling someone an "idiot/d*ckhead" etc. Having said that,
    these days (since 2001/02), I have only ever called cops "f*cken pigs" to their face
    when they've asked for it & that has only ever happened once in the last 5-6yrs.

    & just to fill everyone in on the history, this term all started before most of you were
    born (in the 60's) with the Vietnam war protests. The protestors decided that the Police
    at the time, with their gas masks on, looked like pigs; hence the term.

    The cops eventually changed the meaning of pigs to Pride Integrity Guts, so even they
    agree they are pigs. :grin:


    I will point out, that the Law Courts have recently (last 2-3 days) ruled that it is now
    NOT considered offensive to call Police pigs. The legal precendant has now been set.

    See below.


    A Policeman can call you whatever they feel like calling you on a given day. They only
    get a couple; & PIG is one of em. So it really is no big deal Mouth. To me, its a non-issue. :wink:
  11. You've been around a while MG. You must know that everyone is home at 6am sunday morning. Thats the best time to square things up
  12. :LOL: :grin: :) MVrog.

    Got many young kids now, so I keep outta trouble as much as possible matey.

    Those days are behind me. fing32.
  13. Yep, fair enough
  14. Hadn't you just hit him? :LOL:
  15. MG, we need to catch up and share stories, we definitely have a few that can be said over the course of a few nights/weeks/months! :)

    Lotsa love to a fella road user :p
  16. Re: WTF II

    i've been relatively good in terms of having a clean record in terms of convictions... one thing I have found extremely odd is that once, I got divvy vanned to a dark lane 5kms further from home convinced I was gonna take a wooping, and got made to do pushups in a puddle and walk home.

    another time, i oinked at one... got my nose ring ripped out my face (glad i'm now piercing free :LOL: )

    but the one and only time i hit a copper, he was only a pup and about my age, (22), him and the partner ran back to the car and called backup. this was at a party, i think they only came for a noise violation but i was already pissed off and walking home with a smack in the (aready broken) jaw, upon repeated "requests" to let me go home, and not to touch me, he manhandled me so i smacked his gob.

    the backup arrived, a van with 6 odd dudes with riot gear, stood around wondering what they got called out for looking at several confused party goers, and one hit a 14 year old brother of the host who said something then all hell broke loose. no charges were laid, nothing more done about it. i will never understand what makes em tik.
  17. No worries. :grin:

    F*cked if I know either matey!
  18. Insurance rang me 11am this morning advising claim has been approved
    & repairer has been notified so bring the car in whenever to organise repair.

    Drove there this arvo. They took photos of the rear or car, underneath car,
    the reg label & odemeter. Guy told me that they email the photos to the Insurer.

    Tells me it will take 2-3 days to repair the damage. I then booked the car in.
  19. Sorry to hear bout your nasty incident. Glad all things panned out.

    Some real crazy f*&^ers out there!
  20. Re: WTF II

    Had something similar happen at my place, yet we hadn't even had contact with the cops! The neighbour behind us called them up when we were having a party in the backyard, but god knows what she said cause a divvy van, a cop car and a K9 car all turned up! When they got there they were like - what's the problem! There was zero rowdiness, just noise! Old b!tch, she put the hose on us just after she called the cops! Funniest thing ever!