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WTF Honda?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jd, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. Browsing the Japanese manufacturers websites (as you do) and stumbled across this:

    Might make sense to those who can actually read Japanese, but to me just looks like some sort of road range incident involving Colonel Sanders. Feel free to come up with your own translations for WTF is going on.
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  2. Buddhist wankers that I know are always telling me that we Westerners are too rational.
  3. 1) why the f*ck did i buy this sh*tty Honda
    2) fu*king useless piece of sh*t has fuel but still will not start
    3) kfc guy: don't worry i will help
    4) rider: you will run out of energy before this useless thing starts
    5) i told you. you had no hope in hell of starting it it's a f*cking Honda after all
    6) should have brought a fu*king Suzuki

    harley can replace honda if you like
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  4. Strange, Jap manga is usually bottom right to top left iirc
  5. Careful, you'll be accused of being me if you keep on like that :D.
  6. The car, coincidentally (or not), is a Honda S800.
  7. Well there's no tentacles, that's something to be grateful for...
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  8. I'm pretty sure the moral is "Fill your bike or Colonel Sanders dies".
  9. whats so bad about that
  10. Nah, I reckon it's definitely got something to do with chicken strips...
  11. Well, nothing as far as I'm concerned, but b12mick was quite traumatised when it happened to him, poor sod. :twisted:
  12. Somehow related to nodding..
  13. Nah. it's all very simple: the non-running bike is fake, causing kind old Colonel Sanders to pull over to help push. Then the little shit in the red jumper steals his convertible, all the kids laugh at him and he has a heart attack.
  14. ...or sad about.
  15. Oh wow thats quite interesting, i have run out of petrol in both of my hondas on several occasions, however none of them resulted in the cornel having a heart attack.

    My friend from university who studies Japan + Japanese as part of an Asian studies degree at ANU is currently working on a translation for us.

    EDIT: Here is what she said:
    Okay, so what I understand;
    is that in the first panel (top right) they think it's out of gas;
    but in the second they realise it's still full of gas;
    Then the two new people rock up and say it needs maintenance so to take it to the nearby Honda shop and they start pushing it
    and are in struggle town;
    they arrive at the honda shop (panel 5);
    then the bystanders make the joke that, much like the bike, the old dude needs some maintenance;
    And he loses his shit and says the bike is impossible to repair
    and is puffed and falls over;
    and then is really angry;

    I think the moral is dont push hondas if your old.
  16. Why is the girl trying to resuscitate The Colonel with her bra?
  17. I still haven't recovered, it haunts me to this day......

    Hey, I know this is off topic, but what happened to the idiot that did that. Strange that we, I mean I, no I mean you, no I was right the first time, are still here, but it has disappeared.
  18. I think he's still posting but under a different user name. I won't say which though 'cos I'd prefer not to look quite such a prat if I'm wrong.