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WTF...Cheney stops Syd traffic!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by gypsyvtr, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. Whats this I hear Sydney traffic was stopped during peak hour lunchtime, so Cheney could cross the Bridge to go have a beer with Johnny!!???.......Between those two you'd think they'd be able to find a helicopter not in use for the occasion....I don't know, call me crazy.

  2. :LOL: :LOL:

    What can you do. He's supposedly a high terrorist risk.
  3. You should have been here when LBJ visited in the middle sixties (only a few years after Kennedy was assassinated...) :shock:
  4. Whos LBJ Rev?
  5. Lyndon Baines Johnson, President of the United States, replaced John Kennedy when he was assassinated in 1963. He visited Australia at the beginning of the anti-Vietnam War hysteria and brought Sydney and Canberra to a standstill; our security forces were terrified what would happen if he, too, was assassinated, and here on Australian soil.....
  6. He and his limo got paint thrown on them in Melbourne. :LOL:
  7. I remember visiting Melbourne for the Commonwealth games last year seeing Tony Blair and John Howard being escorted from the city going south east some where. There was an enormous parade of marked police cars and motor bikes and unmarked cars There must have been 25 motor bike cops. The cop bikes would accelerate ahead in groups of 2-4, hold up traffic till the parade of security vehicles and limosine would drive through then accelerate hard to the front and do it again. Four-six bikes were constant tail end Charlies behind 3 other security vehicles while 6-8 bikes would shepard the sides of the limosine.
  8. That was actually just a Thursday night mystery ride from what wazza has told me :LOL:

  9. Same thing for when prince Charles visited as well.
    Very impressive to watch the contingent go through yet still on one of the freeways a rogue motorcyclist went along the emergency lane and gave the prince the bird.
  10. I dont know how Duhast got away on that ancient jalopy of his... :LOL:
  11. All this visual security. Oh yeah make it real easy to find your target.

    While the high flyers of the buisness world & celebs have decoy's in umarked cars etc, to get from A - B, politicians still want to go with the highly visable of secuirity entourage.
  12. Why would old Dick be worried? We all know what a good shot he is (at least when it comes to "friends") :wink:

    I'm sure he was just here to make sure little Johnny bumlick was still on wild George jnr's side......
  13. They're all just a pack of attention seekers....the bigger & badder they are, the worst they seem to get.
  14. yes, an inside source states "cheney's main objective whilst staying in australia is to ensure the prime ministers nose is kept freshly browned. George W would have made the trip but is too busy making love with tony blair in order to get the poms back in iraq"
  15. Lots of whinging for this....god help us when APEC turns up. You'd all better take an overseas holiday otherwise you'll all pop an artery.

    I bet you if it was someone you wanted here or liked, it wouldn't be anywhere near as much of a problem.

    Oh by the way, did you realise that the Vice President of the USA isn't far off being the most powerful, and universally despised/targeted man in the world! Only beaten by George Double-ya. When millions around the world want him dead, I don't blame them for taking every single precaution available. Lose a VP for want of a bit of effort and disruption? I don't think so.

    And you want to talk suckholes, look at that clown Iemma. Isn't it amazing that so close to an election he suddenly becomes totally emphatic to the public. "Oh, I'm sorry about the traffic when the boats were in. I will hammer someone for that. Oh and yes the problems with the VP were excessive". If there wasn't an election looming he wouldn't give a shit. It would be "It was unavoidable".
  16. Ditto to the above.

    Stereotype about Howard brown-nosing to the yanks, but give me another option. We sure as hell can't defend ourselves, and frankly we should still be saying 'thankyou' for the battle of the coral sea.

    Honestly, America and Howard bashing is childish, stupid and irrelevent. I can't stand Howard - never voted for him and never will. But for fcuk's sake, come up with something original or legit to bag him over.


    And we needed to protect him. He's one of the most influencial vice-presidents ever.
  17. I Still think they could've hired a Black Hawk Chopper....Less disturbance to general public, minimal attention........
  18. .... easy to shoot down from the ground with basic small arms fire...

    .. guaranteed death of all on board from even a low level crash...

    Yeah, why not????
  19. if they knew the flight plan of the chopper and had themselves small arms in which to fire at the chopper, I'm guessing that a car is just as easy, in fact easier to attack. Choppers are not easy to take down (blah blah black hawk down - they were in holding patern)

    bush consistenly uses a helicopter in the us (where they can even buy rocket launchers for self defence), I don't think your argument stacks up really