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WTF?!! Auto controlled throttle EU research to save riders?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Dec 24, 2010.

  1. http://www.saferider-eu.org/

    Have any of you caught wind of this?! Would the ****en ****ed up beige ****s get the **** out of my riding way for **** sake.

    Merry ****en Christmas!

    ...ok, more egg nog for me. But seriously, auto throttle control??
  2. Europe's at the stage of political madness that you'll soon need a license from the dopes in Brussels to pick your nose :roll:
  3. I'm sure we're not terribly far behind.
  4. Where is the auto throttle thing? I didn't see it, but some of the other things listed are... well...

    Is this serious? This is from LANE CHANGE SUPPORT which is listed as an ADVANCED RIDER ASSISTANCE SYSTEM:

    Other features include CURVE WARNINGS.

    How about looking in your mirror + a headcheck when changing lanes??

    How about slowing down for that curve if you don't know it well??

    Nah, let's rely on this screen it'll tell us everything and keep us safe.

  5. I dont see a function for telling me when to breathe so Ill probably be dead within 3 minutes of using it.
  6. I dunno, just on a random search for "stupid european laws" I came up with this doozy, can't see it flying in Parramatta or Port Pirie, can you?

    BERLIN (Reuters) - A German mother was fined 100 euros ($116.9) because her eight-year-old daughter refused to open her mouth for the school dentist.

    "The dentist wanted to check her teeth, but the girl was afraid and refused to open her mouth. So the dentist reported her," a court spokesman in the central town of Wernigerode said on Thursday.

    Local authorities imposed the fine on the mother and the court upheld that decision. The mother has agreed to pay the fine.
  7. The only "In Vehicle Information System" I'd be interested in is a Taxi proximity warning.
  8. i know which of these two bikes in the future I want to see and ride:

    Exhibit A:


    Exhibit B:

  9. Hmmmm.

    There was a rather good little short story / parody once in one of the Aus bike rags. This was in the early / mid '70s. A bloke comes up with an idea for a weather protector / leg protector thing, fairly solid so it doubles as a crash bar / oggy knob. In his efforts to make and sell it, he runs into government red tape forbidding any new idea unless it has been through government process. He soon finds that either there is a law against it, or a law requiring it. So he puts up a suggestion that it should be compulsory. This earns him the extreme anger of about 90% of motorcyclists, and the enthusiastic support and guidance and encouragement of all the road safety nazis. There's also a bit of in-fighting and empire building within the wowser community, but they are united in getting anything that bike riders won't like, made mandatory. So our protagonist gets disillusioned, and starts going to MRA meetings and trying to help the fight against the leg guard. He then gets to see the in-fighting and bitching and backstabbing within the motorcycle advocacy community, and it isn't any prettier or nicer than within the government. I seem to remember that he ended up committing an act of political self harm involving petrol and matches on the steps of parliament house - which the local budist / free tibet movement claimed responsibility for.

    I guess they saw this coming 40 years ago.
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    Exhibit B for me thanks.

    And looks like we're getting there. slowly but surely.
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  12. There was some talk about research into this for cars (passive & active versions) a few years ago.
    Active wouldn't allow you to speed. Great when trying to pass a truck!
    Passive would just notify the authorities when you did! Recon govmints would rather that one,,, more fines!
    Haven't heard anything since.
  13. Aren't they still trialling those throttle cut units that stop cars that go over the speed limit in the cities? I also remember they tried them on bikes but, surprise surprise having the throttle cut in corners suddenly was bad.
  14. These Fekkin retards that stick their noses into things in some vain attempt to make their mark on the world. No better than the nazi's and look where they ended up after the atrocious sh*t storm the world had to endure in the meantime.

    I'm no 'freedom or die' nutbag and accept most regulations as necessary for the common good, due to all the dumbass idiots mixed in with us all, but really, honestly now, can't we just shoot some of these retarded fekking idiots! FFS!

    In this case ( biking ) I will take and fekk the inept attempts to control us all, as a powergrab.

    Soap box back under the bed.
  15. robsalvv and hornet et al

    YOU blokes occasionally talk some sense, but in this case you are so so wrong.

    Anything which makes us safer must surely be an advance. Check out the latest stuff out of the EU:

    And Merry Christmas to you . Yesterday eve, I went for a blast (if you can call it a blast on my two wheeled sewing-machine) through the RNP and saw a large electric blue cruiser, Santa the rider, with the most gorgeous Santa's little helper on the pillion. I would have chucked a Uey and gone for the pic but the blood had drained from my head!! Well done that man!!!!
  16. All part of vision zero 2020.
    Part of EU reforms to reduce roadtolls to close as zero as possible.
    I have published some stuff on this in another thread (way back).
    The wolf in sheep's clothing is that if the proposed safety measure becomes a non-event and no substitute found, that method of transport will become banned (incrementally).
  17. And Bloody hell, I AM actually wrong on this one! Completely missed the boat!

    Clearly, the rearward radar system and ecu components were disengaged, since this was the frontal system that was being demonstrated. But the potential is clearly demonstrated - the bike and rider avoided all contact with the test vehicle at the corner! Bloody brilliant! < Erm...smirk? >
  18. I seem to remember a yes minister episode where the hon hacker went to brussels. There he met a man who stores all the food that the farmers all produce. They have to store food because the need to massively overproduce for some reason, can't remember why. Then later he was talking to the man who destroys all the food stores so that the market is not flooded and prices stay steady. And that was a real example, not made up by Messrs Jay and Lynn.

    Fact: Any possible good that has come from work done by every dollar sent in aid to the african third world, has been completely undone by the EU through its subsidies for their farmers.

    The EU is a product of what once was a good idea caught up in the stupidity of politicians
  19. There ya go. Spot on, Lilley!
  20. I can't tell if you are being serious.