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WTF 2 bikes in 1

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by 2wheelsagain, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. Lifted from maximum-suzuki.com
    Is this not the ugliest contraption you have ever seen?
    '99 SV650 with a '96R1100R telelever front end.

  2. wow thats ugly
    BTW the SV back end looks so much like the hyo gt its not funny
  3. The main seat looks comfy ...
    But as for the rear ... does that mean I could take both of my girlfriends for a ride?
  4. It may be as ugly as all hell but I bet the turn-in is very impressive with that wheelbase.
  5. What does the person in the middle hold on to? The back of the rider's head?
  6. :shock: Needs a set of handle bars for the middle passenger.. then they can pretend they are riding.. just like anyone who owns a scooter :wink:
  7. The first thing that I thought of too was the middle rider.

    G2teg, does that mean that you'll keep checking the mirrors all the time :wink: :-w
  8. Some people should not be allowed to own welding equipment.
  9. round abouts would be a b!tch
  10. Why did they bother?
  11. I dont think MAD MAX had anything that bad in the movie

  12. looks like the person who made it was pretty handy with a welder actually. Probably had 2 wrecked bikes and went hey I know.

    Like my dad and his Pushbike\Trolly\Edger creation.

    Basically a trolly you use for moving stuff layed down with a push bike front end welded on it. Then a motor mounted to the back. Little to say he didnt have neutral or a clutch lol.
  13. Obvious progression.....

    put two side by side and you've got a comfy 4 wheeled thing.
  14. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should ;).
  15. But that takes the fun out of it...although he really could have thought it out better!
  16. Looks like a naked Busa.

    Regards, Andrew.