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WTD: Sparky/Chippy Apprenticeship

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by HANDSY, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. *i no this should probably be in the 'employment' bit, but it wont let me post and more people will see it here.*

    Dear and Electricians or Carpenters,

    I'm 19
    Finished yr12 in 2007
    Highly motivated and quick learner
    Have a passion for both trades and both work in with my future plans, if possible i would like to do both, but its no so its a case of first offer.
    I have built deckings, helped renovate 2 bedrooms into a bathroom.
    Also have installed 10+ car audio systems, wired up simple lighting at home, run data cables, set up wireless networks and built many computers.
    I am looking for someone to take me on as an apprentice.
    Unfortunately, no, i haven't done a 'pre-app', and at the moment its the only thing holding me back, but i learn better by watching those more experienced than me and by been all hands on, and would prefer to get straight into it.
    oh, and love motorbikes!

    So hopefully there is someone here who is willing to take on a new grasshopper, if you could pm me with contact details, would be greatly appreciated.


    (i meant to put it in off topic...possible move..? please)
  2. This will last about 5 mins here.
  3. Belongs here in Off topic. Employment section is for bike related employment.
    Good luck with the job hunting :)
  4. you will need to do a pre app course to be a sparky, the course isn't so much about hands on work, it teaches you the basic knowledge you need to know ie. Ohm's law, and you will use through out your carreer. (is still use this knowleage)