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WTD...help with a resume for riding instructors position

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Caz V1, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. Ok folks, I need help.
    I have been making enquiries as to how one becomes a riding instructor, I have got all the info I need re courses etc and have even found someone willing to employ me if I am up to the task, but I have to submit a resume.
    It's been quite some time since I have written a resume, and am seeking assistance from "people in the know" as to how best to go about it.
    If you have any experience writting resumes, and are willing to help a damsel in distress, please PM me and we can take it from there.
    Big thanks in advance :)

  2. Resume 1 - 2 pages [if possible] longer if your work history take sup more room:

    - Name and contact details.
    - Previous work experience [role, term of employment, duties performed etc.]
    - some sort of vague and lofty career goal "I seek to expand my working knowledge and experience through new and exciting challenges. etc etc"
    - 3 references.

    Your cover letter should be drafted specific to the position: invite the interviewer to read your attached resume, know you would be perfect for the job for the following reasons, and get in touch with you to arrange an interview.

    There some more resources online, too. All the job-search sites will have a link to a resume builder.
  3. There is an ad in your post that may help.
  4. :? whatchu talkin' 'bout Willis?
  5. ^^

    Is your CV up to date?

    this was an ad at the bottom of your post when i first looked, but they must rotate cos it's changed now. i never noticed before. in fact in never noticed there were ads there before!!! well spotted MVRog. and good luck Caz. ktulu's advice is good. keep it simple.
  6. I paid somebody to write a resume for me.

    When I contacted them, a guy came out and went through what I was going to get and showed me copies of some of the resumes he'd written. He then interviewed me for about 2 hours going through more things than I'd even thought of listing on a resume. It was written during the following week.

    The resulting document was 8 pages in length without being War and Peace. At the time, I was applying for a lot of jobs - the new resume made a drastic improvement in the responses I received. I also gave their details to another person I knew that was having problems getting another job, and they were employed two weeks after using the new resume.

    Yes, it is quite likely that my original resume sucked big time, but I had no idea how to write anything better. It was money well spent IMHO.
  7. Sorry Nicaraus but if you sent me an 8 page resume, you sure as hell wouldnt be getting a job.

    2 pages tops! Brief and to the point. Also, dont put it in a folder. staple pages together at the top corner and send it as it is. A friend of mine does recruiting and she tells me the most annoying thing is resumes sent in a nice pretty little folder. Just makes handling of them more difficult and more often than not, they get overlooked.
  8. I completely understand bambam - I thought it was way too big as well. Bear in mind it wasn't 8 pages of solid text - there was an abundance of white space. With some different formatting you probably could have cut it in half.

    Either way, my two page effort got me nowhere, while the bigger one had people trying to organise interviews from half the jobs I applied for.

    The comment about the folder is spot on though.
  9. Thanks MG, not too sure about the platter though, plenty of groundwork and the like has gone into building up a repore with these folks, so far so good. I doubt the position will be fulltime to start with, but at least it's a foot in the door.
    Spose, as they saying goes.....
    I'll never ever know, if I never have a go.

    Being in middle management with BP for 17 years, I have seen plenty of resumes over the years, but when it comes to making one for myself, I want it to be the "bee's knees" of resumes. I really want this job. I couldn't imagine a better job(that I'd enjoy) other than working in a bike shop, or running a bike tours Co.

    Rightyo then, time to start building this bloody thing I guess :? :)
  10. Sorry caz, your ads are everchanging.
  11. +1 spot on mate, i do keep a resume in a folder though, but it doesn't get handed out, just taken to interveiws, and handed to the interveiwer, to flick over during the interveiw, which i request to get back
  12. Well thats true!

    Will be an interesting role for you to take up. Certainly something
    completely different to ya current role :grin:
  13. Riding instructor like at HART, or 1-on-1 personal lessons? On the weekend when we did the Intermediate course at HART, they said they encourage final level participants to apply for jobs as instructors. I'm guessing there are other ways to get in though.

    From my resumes, I've had good success at getting interviews by having the layout clear so they can skim over it easily. Too much text is too difficult to bother with - they're generally in a rush. More detail is for interview time.

    Let us know how it goes :grin:
  14. Heya Caz,

    What courses do they require you to complete prior to becoming an instructor?? What riding training company is it with, if you can say?

    Will save the congrats for when you get the job, but must admit would be a pretty cool job to have. Would be a very satisfying job to have, getting paid to help people learn to ride and find a new lifelong passion!! :cool:
  15. apart from riding courses, you need to have Cert4 workplace training and a few special modules that go with it, that will take me about 6 months to complete. Along with riding courses :)
    I hope to work there in an admin & instructors assistant role whilst doing the cert 4 :)
  16. Good for you Caz . You'll be great as an instructor.
  17. Thanks for the vote of confidence Kate, I reckon I'd be good at it too :LOL:

    I'll just have to wait n see how things pan out over the coming weeks.

    I've wanted to do this for a while now, and if things go to plan, one day I'll have my own riding school, with the help of a few netriders that are also keen to get into the field, but I figured it would be better to get a couple of years under my belt with a company already up and running before I take the plunge to branch out on my own. :)
  18. Since when do you need a job, anyway, retired richbitch.? Haven't you some riding to do?
  19. Caz, you probably already know most of this... but my two cents.

    An 8 page resume would be too long if it's truly cluttered, doesn't present the information well and misses the point.

    I read about 80ish graduate resumes a year, every year, and then some experienced professionals resumes as well. I get to see the absolute worst examples to some bloody rippers. Still, when I came to write my own for a spill and fill a few years back, it was harder than I thought!

    An excellent resume is neat, looks neat from the wider perspective, is well formatted, has clear sections, and sets out the information in such a way that it highlights the core qualities the company is looking for. Notice how much of that spiel is about the presentation.

    I don't recommend incuding a photo. Others do.

    The cover letter should zero in on the core competencies the job requires and show confidence in yourself.

    Be prepared to back up ANYTHING said in the letter or resume with a direct example at the interview. I've seen excellent candidates crash and burn under the twin headlights of an interview when they were asked to give an example. Geez, there's NO point claiming you have initiative and are a quick learner if you can't even give an example.

    Oh and don't underestimate the extra curricular activities part. If you're a team player in the job, or have leadership qualities, that can often be underlined and bolded by real life examples.

    I don't know anyone who creates resumes professionally, but I think they advertise in local papers and on the job websites.

    Just as an aside, I'm mega interested in this little journey of yours Caz. I thought about being an MC instructor... still do (hence all the theory crap I spout on about and nominating as a mentor)... maybe once the mortgage is paid... Any how, keep us posted... I may follow in your footsteps!