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wtb ; triumph daytona 675

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by jaems, Jan 21, 2010.

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  1. hey all,

    i will be in the market for a new bike as il be on my fulls in 2 months. what im looking for is a triumph daytona 675 in black or red. id like a newer model 06' or above.

    price im willing to pay with rwc is no more than $9,500.

    i wont have the money until 2 months, so if anyone or knows anyone selling their bike by then, hit me up.


    ps; also looking at R1s 05' +

  2. I wouldn't bother ... Brownyy said they are crap bikes.
  3. Well I may be selling mine but will be asking for more then that as it is near show room condition. Will let you know if I do.

    Edit: Jas, you LOVED it... :rofl:

    What type of show rooms do you go to Brownyy that have bikes in that condition?

  5. Your thinking of my ZZR Cam.... it was totally FUKD hence I sold it to Ray "I shaft everyone else so brownyy royally fukn shafted me" Quincey motorcycles.

    Saphy is in brilliant nick, oil change every 3000-4000km's, all services done, never on her side, no marks or anything on her. Showroom I tell's ya.
  6. Like Cam said ... what showroom did this come out of? :p

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  7. :rofl: the one out of tea tree road works... hahahah...

    look through mobile uploads and check the stripped one where everything was cleaned...

    (the rear tire kinda looks cool in that pic but!)
  8. you were making broom noises and everything - you loved it!! :grin:
  9. I had to make the broom noises, cause the bike wouldn't :p
  10. Gotta start it bro... ;) Can't paddle Fred-Flintstone style like yours... :grin:

  11. lol i assume the blue one is yours browny?
  12. yeah mate, '08 neon blue
  13. Not wanting to burst your bubble jaems, but you might struggle to find a good one for $9.5k

    They sell for $16k-ish new and hold their value pretty well, compared to the japs anyhoo.

    Best of luck though, and if you do find one for the money I'll race you to grab it!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.