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VIC Wtb - Sports/naked/fullfairing 600cc-1000cc Bike

Discussion in 'Wanted' at netrider.net.au started by Booki, Nov 14, 2012.

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  1. Hey all,
    Looking for another bike.

    Tell me what you got and what you want for it.

    Budget: $3500-$5500

    Looking for;
    full fairing sport bikes (CBR, ZXR, YZF ect)
    Street Fighters
    Potential Projects
    Honest sellers, don't hide any bike problem's
    Pref something in Original condition

    Not looking for:
    Dishonest sellers
  2. Booki
    I have a Kawasaki er6n I am looking to sell. 2006 model with 8000kms
    Let me know if you are still interested
  3. I have a Suzuki SV 1000. 2005 model 34000km. origonal except the mirrors
  4. Hey buddy I have a Suzuki GSR-600 in white, which id contemplate selling without RWC for $5500 if interested (its on bikesales)
  5. I've been thinking about selling my blue '95 Vfr750 - about 52 000 km, new (good) tyres, chain and sprockets about 2k ago, plus full service/checkup when I bought it at 49k (paperwork with the bike). The mechanic said everything was good, and that it appeared to have been well maintained (as in nothing really needed doing, the dealer already having done an oil/filter change when I bought it. Mechanically good, cosmetically fairly decent. Has had at least one more oil change since then and will likely get another at sale time.

    Hadn't sat down to it yet, but I had 4.5k in mind, given the new bits, relatively low km, good order and non-redness of the bike.

    Was stock at purchase about two years ago and has only had a slip-on pipe and bar-end mirrors added, which I was planning to put back to stock for selling. That makes it pretty much original apart from the luggage rack that it came with from the last owner.

    Reg/rec is a finned non-original one, so that has been sorted some time in the past, plus there's some sort of accessory power plug/lead off the battery. Also some added headlight brightness with new globes (at stock wattages). Front fork oil recently freshened to good effect, and ride/handling is pretty nicely sorted for me (about 80kg and not tentative out on the road).

    Nothing to spend that I can think of, other than the Vic ORC at your end, or if you want to spice it up more (easy to sharpen the handling/brakes more if you want to do some spannering), but as is "could" travel bumpy, winding NSW country back roads at 170-180 with nary a shimmy - something these were well known for.

    NSW reg to Feb '14, but probably not much relevance to you in Vic.

    QBE 12 month comprehensive insurance for my case ($4G agreed value plus the same again for gear) was renewed last month for $275 (paying monthy about $24). NSW Green Slip was about $165 for six months.

    I was planing on putting this on the market in a week or so when I get back to where the bike is kept at the moment, but my life hasn't been my own the last few months and I've been kept away from matter like this (including even getting a chance to go for a ride.

    As it stands, I should have some time off starting in about a week or so, so I'll look back in then. I've been wanting to take a long overdue ride down that way for some time, so if things don't go pear-shaped yet again I might be able to do a show-and-tell locally while I'm around.

    When I'm home again I can do more if there's any interest, so there's ample time to read up on various bike options.
  6. You do realise the original post was 12 months ago?

    And the OP has not been online for 2 months.
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  7. Well spotted Chilli ...... had to chuckle at that.

    bully has 2 posts since 2011 and maybe Wayned just wanted to get something off his chest? ;)
  8. That's what I get for browsing on a tablet...

    So I typed what I would have just done later anyway. Same difference.
  9. Stick it in the bikes for sale section Wayned, you never know - may get a quick result
  10. It won't be advertised until I'm back where the bike, docs and other bits are, hopefully next week, but my current situation dictates pretty much any of my own matters have to take a back seat, and any plans are routinely thwarted.

    First thing I want to do is to be able to get home long enough to ride the bloody thing.
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Not open for further replies.