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WTB: Size 38 to 42 Men's motorcycling pants (for pillions)

Discussion in 'Wanted' at netrider.net.au started by cragv, Aug 13, 2009.

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  1. Short version:
    - after Men's motorcycle pants, size 38-42
    - have $50 or less to spend, pref. less
    - any condition equal to or better than 'fair' will be considered
    - I'm in Macleod, VIC - happy to pickup in Melbourne, or pay postage

    Long version:
    Hey guys, I'm after your old motorcycle pants - there are a couple of blokes who would like to come for a ride with me, but I haven't got the right size spare pants for them.

    One of the guys is a size 38, the other is 40-42.

    Ideally, I'd like a pair of size 40+ pants with a built-in belt or cord that can tighten them, so the single pair of pants could be worn by either guy (and give me some flexibility in the future for anyone else in that size range who wants to come for a ride). Riding jeans okay too, as I can give them a belt to wear and thus tighten them on (so 42-44 would be preferable in this case).

    Budget is $50 or less (preferably less); I don't really care about the condition of the pants, so long as they are still crash-worthy.

    Don't care if they're leather, textile, whatever - just as long as you'd be happy to ride in them and potentially crash in them, then they'll do. (I'm not planning on crashing, I've never crashed a motorcycle, but like to plan for the worst, especially for whichever poor sod happens to be on the back at the time if the worst happens!!)

    Let me know what you've got! Cheers :)
  2. Pants

    I reckon I can help Let me check what the postage is on Monday or Tuesday and I WILL LET YOU KNOW IF THAT IS o.k. THEY ARE GOOD LEATHER and would suit what you want stretch/and belt knee thigh and bum pads but still good. Let me know if you want to know what the postage is .Murray.
  3. Gday Murray, that sounds interesting. Can you tell me a little more about them? I get the material and fastening, etc., but would like to know:
    - the size
    - their approximate age
    - how much you want for them
    - maybe a pic (if it isn't too much trouble - don't worry about a pic if this is not something you can do in a minute or two).
    - postage to 3085

    Thanks a lot! I very much appreciate your reply :)
  4. pants

    My price is $50.00 plus postage I will get the size for you and the postage Monday or Tuesday If you had to buy them new they would cost about $500.00 Will try for a photo for you but I am not to good at that I am flat out until Monday then I will open the shed up and get the right size for you but they are in the size range that you mentioned. Murray.
  5. Sounds pretty good, thanks for the reply. I guess around size 42 would be preferable then as I want the pants I buy to fit both the bigger and the smaller blokes (ie. if these pants are size 40 they may not fit one of the guys, who is around a 42).

    If you can confirm the size for me, even though it's a bit over my budget ($50 plus post) I do appreciate the value and your generous pricing (assuming they're in at least fair condition), so we'll probably have a deal. Just confirm the size for me and we'll go to PM with bank details, addresses etc.

    Cheers mate :)
  6. pants

    Righto size is 38 storm leathers stretch back and knees and belt when I was 42inch I could wear them if I did not do up the front stud but I still did the belt up Just. postage would be $18.00 hope that this helps.Murray.
  7. Murray, thanks for the info.

    They sound good, but maybe not ideal for my purposes. I'm going to continue to look for a little while, then if I don't find any viable alternatives I'll come back to you (if they're still available).

    Thanks a lot for your time.

    Edit: I just realised you might be talking EU sizing, where the inches equals the size (you said when you were 42" these pants fit). I'm not after 40" pants, as that's approximately size 34. I need size 40 to 42! These may not be for me at all!
  8. Hi guys, I'm still after size 38 to 42 pants (not inches, but pants size as per the tag) - will pay $$, let me know what you've got!

    (Thanks to Murray also for being so helpful - I would have purchased if these were actually the size I'm after!!)

  9. Pants

    Just read your last post so went and emailed storm leathers their reply is that size 38 is 38inch so then I went and checked just to be sure and yes they are minium 38in to 40in and they are in good condition I would wear them in a road race. the tag states 38. Murray
  10. Thanks for confirming that, Murray. I must say, this leaves me a little confused. You see, I have a 37" waist, and I comfortably fit into size 32 pants. My pants all say size 30, 32 or 34, for reference.

    I just bought a pair of "Size 38" pants off eBay the week before I made this thread, but it turns out they're actually 38" pants, and they fit me snugly.

    I therefore have made the conclusion that using inches to denote size on a 1:1 ratio is maybe an European thing or something. Whether or not my conclusions are right, Size 38 does not seem to equal 38" pants, going by the variety of dacks in my wardrobe.

    I'm therefore fairly sure that the pants you have would fit me just fine, but I'm looking to buy them for two other blokes who, using the same sizing scheme as me, are size 38 and size 42. To confirm this, the size 38 bloke absolutely cannot fit into my size 34 DriRiders, which (and I've just measured this) are 40" in circumfrence.

    It sounds like I can't use the pants you have, sorry Murray. It sounds like they're nice pants too! (You'd probably manage to get some decent money for them with a nice description and some decent photos on eBay).

    Thanks anyway :)

    Anyone else?
  11. Am still after pants. Anyone got a pair for me? Even if it's your daily riders and you're just ready for some new ones - I don't much care. As long as they're still safe to take a spill on, I'm interested.

    Let me know what you've got! Cheers folks :)
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