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WTB Shoei Neotec

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by dlhgsx, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. Wanting to buy a shoei neotec asap. Will buy from anywhere in australia and pay postage. Size M

  2. Try a retail shop - they do stuff like that
  3. yikes- thats big money boike!!!
    what are they like- are they worth the $$$ ?
    i just got a bell mx9 for less than 250 bucks -lol
  4. You've only got one noggin NosohNosoh .............. but i guess anything's better than the cork and leather with a trendy peak of old.
  5. For me? yes. It's not the lightest Lid in the World, But I love it. It's a excellent Lid.
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  6. lets not go there lionz
  7. Hey, Nosoh, wot did u do at the weekend, Did u go Strom'in or peddl'n
  8. Bikemart in Ringwood often gives discounts to Netriders. I bought my Neotec from there.

    BMW in Southbank also carry them, but they were more exxy.
  9. not much of either unfortunately, man flu is a biatch...
    have you got any rides in the planning?
  10. I've had the Claytons Flu with the last 2 weeks. (the flu you have when you haven't got the flu.)
    I need tyres urgently. Maybe fit 2 on Friday hopefully. I may end up doing Bacon and Eggs in daylesford. either Sat or Sun.
  11. Wow thanks didnt think of that.... lol. Obviously looking for a second hand one to avoid paying $800
  12. ^^^^^ Here to help ;)
  13. Wait a few weeks until end of FY, you might get lucky and find one on sale.