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NSW WTB - Leather Jacket and/or pants

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by zx9er, Oct 13, 2012.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm after a leather jacket for track day riding. It has to have a zip around the bottom to zip onto pants as per track day regulations.

    I'm also after leather pants also with a zip around the top to zip onto the jacket. I don't mind if their sold in a set or seperately. I'll consider either.

  2. Soooo your looking for a 2 piece leather suit that zips together " size ? colour ?
  3. A clue to what size would be helpful. I have a spare Alpinestars jacket that I'm looking to sell off, so if you're double-fat-bastard sized, let me know. Or if you have 47 jumpers you can wear underneath it ;)
  4. Maybe you could upload the missing info to YouTube in the form of interpretive dance?
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  5. Cant go wrong with a Berik, half price from ActionMC................crash test proven by many guys in the forum :).
  6. I'm a bit under 6'2" and 91 kilo's. As to what size that is I have no idea.

    When it comes to colour I'd like something as neutral as I can get, black or black and white or black with grey. But my current bike is a sort of a light blue colour with orange detail and a bit of white in there too. So any of those colours I'd consider as well.
  7. Okay. I spent all day trying on suits and almost bought one.

    I did find out my size. 36 euro 46 usa. Depending on brands I can also fit into a 44.
  8. That sounds a bit off.. Im 5'10 80kg and i wear a size 50eu/40us. i can't imagine a 46 even being tall enough for you given that size charts say they're for guys about 5'7. Maybe you mean 56 euro 46 us?

    But anyway check out gumtree ebay etc, or there's a guy selling a sweet dainese 2 pc in the sale section that might fit you.
  9. Quite right. Its 56euro 46us.
  10. Action Motorcycles Parramatta? The one on the corner opposite the pub?
  11. Are you Sydney based?
  12. Sort of... lower blue mountains
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.