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WTB: Kawasaki z200 for parts

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by roh, Sep 24, 2009.

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  1. Oil and water and Kawasakis don't mix...

    So I need a number of replacement items, and given the lack of z200 parts at wreckers I'm after a complete non-runner from somebody's shed.

    I don't need the engine at all, it can have a ratty seat, the tires can be bald or non existent - but it must have indicators, tail & head lights, forks, front fender, mirrors (or most of these things).

    If you could help me out with a complete bike or some of the parts listed above, that'd be great.

    Contact via PM

  2. So uni is over for another year (and forever, assuming I've passed everything!) so it is time to get the zed back on the road.

    I am suffering a serious case of 'cage rage' - the lack of a working motorcycle is fast becoming a mental health issue.

    So, just a friendly reminder; if you have ANY z200 parts, particularly forks, indicators or a tail light, or a mostly complete non-runner LET ME KNOW!

  3. Ok, the bike is on the road and I am happy again.

    I still need a few parts - tail light bracket and stock rear indicators - though neither are particularly urgent.

    Oh, and if you saw a NOS muffler I wouldn't say no - the one on there at the moment is ok so I'm in no rush.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.