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QLD WTB: Cheap Large Capacity Fuel Tank

Discussion in 'Wanted' at netrider.net.au started by DragonCypher, Mar 29, 2010.

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  1. Firstly I'll start by asking please dont judge me 8-[

    I know its a little bike, extra weight etc.. But I weigh less than the average rider, and am not a hoon by all means. Just aiming to get more mileage out of a single tank, since I do plenty of long trips and won't be upgrading for a while. I'd like something from about 19L or more.
    Recently had a look at the 1983 Suzuki GS650, very similar shape and 23L.. but unfortunately the internals aren't wide enough.

    I've got here the minimum internal dimensions of the tank to fit over my frame, the maximum external width to clear the fairings and a maximum length.
    A similar shape would be nice, as most early 80's sports/tourers seem to be.. even the cafe racer style (same thing, no knee cutouts) would be fine as long as it suits. Theres heaps of empty space around the outside of the current one for something larger to fit.

    Colour's not a problem, condition not a problem (has to hold liquid though :p).. It'll just be painted black anyway.
    I'd prefer to have a cap on it that seals, but can hopefully get one from ebay if necessary. Key shouldn't be an issue as I plan to take the barrels out anyway

    And mounting points.... at the rear is just a single bolt, I can weld on a tab and drill it to suit - no worries
    Side is typical old school honda, half moon shaped tabs that just hook over a rubber thing - again I can customise it to fit, or just make a new mount.

    Doesn't secure anywhere else

    And with regards to the pickup, I run gravity feed with the tap mounted externally so that should be pretty easy to hook up



    Lemme know if you got any old spares to sell me :)

    Oh yeah and south east QLD (or postable to) is necessary. I would imagine postage to be around $25 across australia, but might have to double check that with regards to dimensions and weight.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.