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WSID Bike drag Night

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Matchstick01, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    I went the the WSID Bike drag night tonight and had an awesome time. I didn't think it would be that good just going in a straight line, but its was great being able to push the bike flat out without that bad feeling in the back of my mind that i'm about to pass highway patrol.

    I won two prizes tonight :grin: .
    I won the fastest run by a LAMS bike\:D/
    I was the only person there dragging with a lams bike but thats not the point now is it :p
    Also I won a draw for all the first time draggers there :grin:
    So outta that I get a free $40 voucher for MCA and I get free entry into the next bike night :grin:

    Anyhow, best run was a 14.7 @ 145km/h with 0.068 reaction time. Was kinda hopin for a little better but nerves meant i didn't really nail my take off on any of the runs, but theres always next month.

    So... All you guys on your Ps, come down first wedneday night of next month, i'll put it up in the rides callendar so there can be some competition between the two fiddy's. Be a lot more interesting the the two busa's i dragged :LOL:


  2. 14.7....

    So my bike will be in the 15s, interesting.
  3. I wonder what time a gpx250 can pull off. :grin:
  4. Be interesting to see how my crappy GPX250 would fare there :p
  5. Come along and find out :p
  6. Hey matchstick, thats a decent time, though it depends on the rider.
  7. Theoritically 0-100 in 5.75 secs.
  8. Good work.

    Drags are a good bit'o fun. One thing tho, in heads up racing like that reaction time doesn't matter. The timer goes from when you break the start beam (usually a couple of inches forward of the second stage light).
  9. You going to do it Trev ? :LOL:
  10. What a great night!! About 45-50 bikes and NO rain.....well, not while I was there anyway....mind you I go DRENCHED on the way home!!!

    Congratulations to the following winners of our prizes for April Bike Night:

    LAMS bike: this prize was won by a very excited first timer Paul on his CBR250rr. Paul also won our 'first timers' prize so he walks away with a $40 giftvoucher from MCA Parramatta and a free entry to WSID.

    Best 60foot time: 'Douwboy' Josh with a 1.831. Josh wins a $40 gift voucher from MCA Parramatta and a free entry to WSID.

    Best Reaction Time: with a spanking 0.001 RT was won my Max Hill. Max also won the $300 first place RT prize from WSID as well as his Bike Night prize of a free WSID entry.

    Stay tuned for next Bike Night which SHOULD be on May 2nd .....weather dependant!!!
  11. ATTENTION: Paul (Matchstick01) - can you please get in contact with me regarding your prize from BikeNight. The netrider system wont let me PM you until I have 15 posts ;-)
    Please PM me with your email address so I can give you instructions on how to claim your free entry ticket.

    Ali :)
  12. BUMP ----- Paul please contact me. Thanks :grin:
  13. Paul, what were you 60fters?
  14. Good work man, wish I could of been there on my CBR (R.I.P)

    When I get back out on a bike, i'll be there for sure!
  15. well done Paul !

    GPX250 ????
    Here I am against Lindy on hers !
    She is in NZ at the moment, wait for her to come back and reply !

  16. I was there that night... spectating tho :p
  17. What is meant by 'approved jacket' going through the pits?
  18. Im pretty sure a textile jacket with armco will do..
  19. LOL, sorry, i don't check motorsport forumns often.

    I was told i needed a leather jacket to race. Best 60' time was 2.347.
    Not racing this wednesday (don't even know if its actually one) but the bike needs a service and new chain n sprockets and stuff, will be curuious to see if it helps my times at all :grin:


  20. smile you poof !!!


    and whats the go with the P-plate holder of yours ??