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WSID 96 CBR900 10.988

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Medic please, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. Nice job. How stock is the blade?
  2. It's got it's second engine which is an earlier model 893cc. I only stripped it enough to check some clearances and to determine whether it did in fact only have the 14 000kms on it.
    Couple of monthes after I got it back on the road I fried the clutch doing a burnout. I had my plates redone with kevlar and had the pressure plates dressed.
    After market air filter, jet kit, kevlar clutch, shortened D&D pipe.

    Changes to the sprockets for quicker acceleration/lower top speed. Can't remember the combination. Been on so long I'd have to look to tell you.

    All standard suspension has been revalved and sprung for the track(not the drags)

    I recovered & padded the seat myself which sits me about 2 inches lower which tamed the wheelies a litttle. Not my intention but it worked that way.
  3. Thumbs up! :grin: