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WSID 6/5/09.. Soo many bikes, including my racing :)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by tim650, May 7, 2009.

  1. #1 tim650, May 7, 2009
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    So i finally got to take the er6 for a little speeding legally at WSID last night.. and WOW, there was soo many bikes i never seen that many race before :eek: Roughly 40-50 easy...

    Any Netriders racing??

    I got 3 runs in, 13.1 first time ever, i dropped te clutch and poped up the front, second run 13.1 (first video) riding out the clutch, and then 12.9 @ 100mph (2nd and 3rd video) with a bit of riding and poping it out and my little burnout before... The bike is standard and she wont go any faster captain :LOL:
    See the videos for youself, she picks up speed quickly in 1st and 2nd but top end takes alot off, i stayed on for a bit after the finish line just to see what speed i can get.. This was my first time racing ever, and next time will be on the R6 or next bike :grin:

    On board 13.1

    On board 12.9, (i was also racing against Rapid Magazines Hayabusa :grin: )

    Track side 12.9 (i look soo dinky on this bike haha)

  2. Looks like you had fun. Who was riding the Hayabusa?
  3. Jamie Benzienna (check spelling) The guy that rides the orange turbo hayabusa built by S&R Pro.. He's the racer who has black/orange suit and tiger ears on his helmet haha.

    Yeah i had fun thrashing it.. Weather was clear and wasnt cold at all.
  4. That looks like fun :grin: That busa took off like a rocket!
  5. They do, dont they.
  6. I love that there are people in this world who look at a 'Busa and think "that's not fast enough... wonder what would happen if we bolted a turbo onto it...?"
  7. TOP WORK Tim, lovely to see you kept it buried in the red zone :applause:

    I guess we can answer any questions now about the Kawa's top speed; if 170 is about the best it can do under ideal conditions, any claims to more must be suspect, eh :LOL:?
  8. It would go faster, with a longer straight.
  9. I hit 184km/h in that first video there.. I've seen er6's top speed on youtube is 220.. Thats it, so its geared relatively short.

    That hayabusa is a machine, on that run i ran the 12.9, and he ran 12.0.. He must of set off the timer before he took off cause they still past me just before the line... I went across at 160ish, he did it at 230km/h :eek:
    It is a 9second bike anyways..
  10. Pics from Cackling Pipes. They done a good job..