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Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by removed-6, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. F#$king Honda riders! :evil:

    Max was ROBBED! I hope Checa falls off and ends his season in race 2! Dirty rotten mongrel, "if I can't win then I will take you out trying".

    On a positive, 2 Aussies on the podium.

  2. Yeah, Crasha did a good job. Even he looked embarrassed. Poor Max, he's got last years stuff from Suzuki, has been told he's a definite 3rd rider and is outperforming Fonsi by a little and Yukio by a good distance.
  3. holy flaming CAPSLOCK batman!

    but yer, a big HA-HA from a honda rider :p
  4. And Bayliss was pissed because they're gonna cop a weight penalty as the Honda and Suzuki crashed!

    Did you see that the new CBR in the Aussie SBK is already quicker than the outgoing model by a long way? That new Honda, despite being hideous to look at is going to be a class bike.
  5. and by all accounts, they are sensational out-of-the-box too.
    every yank review i have read on the cbr forum is nothing but positive.
  6. Just so long as Bayliss keeps that points lead, I won't care about the ugly Honda
  7. Great two races , I can tell you we piss all over the Spanish on crowd numbers ect at SBk ,great 5 days I had there , wished it was longer , GMT94 that I was there with had a shit time , had 3 motors go over the weekend and then had one of the bikes taken out in race one , totaled , bent swingarm , gravel in the motor as the air box was ripped off . frame bent , just totaled , and david's bike (94) was running a borrowed motor .

    pics , report to come , just finished loading the truck as they are of to Le mans 24 hr , so back to the factory to prep 2 bikes in and be at Le Mans on monday week.
  8. Bren, are you having more fun than us?
  9. You'd think so, wouldn't you?
  10. Sounds like it to me. Makes TargaTas seem lame.
  11. Rumour has it that he might be off looking at where Ducati's are made. I offered to be his man servant for the trip, my offer was rejected.
  12. He possibly wants to find out why it drops its guts so often.
  13. You are a cruel man! At least work out why they rattle so much!

    I reckon a tour of the Ducati factory would be awesome.
  14. Fersure. Any of the Factories would be good to see, except Ural.
  15. I hear there's a cream for that.
  16. Two weeks of penicillin shots, last time I saw one.