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N/A | National WSBK Russia.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by mattxr, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. Andrea Antonelli has passed away from an accident in the world supersport race in Moscow today.

    Rain and racing doesn't work, it brought back memories of Marco Simoncelli's accident in Malaysia.

    The amount of spray of the bikes going down the straight no chance of seeing a rider on the road.

    It's hard to think of losing your life doing something that you love!!

    Pray for more safety in Motorsport,
  2. Very sad news.
  3. Is that why the tetecast seemed to have been stopped. I was watching, saw the red flag flicked round the channels, came back and sonething else was on.They didn't seem to run the second sbk race, as they had goodwood on.
  4. Yeh the event has been cancelled due to the incident.
  5. The conditions were shocking.
    Here it is without sound
  6. Bloody horrible and what a sad end.
  7. Having an easy night Micky. This time last week you couldn't put two sentences together let alone download video. clip. Very sad clip to put up.
  8. Geeezuz I have one slightly alcohol impaired evening on NR and everyone is reminding me of it. Hhahahaha
    But yes Rodders taking it easy tonight. Hurts too much he next day playing up on a school night.

    I wasn't sure whether to upload the video or not but is isn't too graphic.
    Such a sad end.

    Will they get to a point where a race will be stopped die to the weather ?
    Will it be like F1 where drivers have done one lap and the. Hit the pits ?
  9. All it takes is the guys up the front to put up their hand and say that's it. I've seen it happen in the past but these days it's a different ball game.
  10. Hope it doesn't get like NASCAR where they get two spots of rain and it is called orf. Went to Talladega last month. and it rained as in misty stuff so they stopped it for two hours then spent an hour drying the track then announced they were going to run the last sixty laps. As a result it had to stop early cause it got dark! They don't have lights or wipers.
    With the Russian race Steve Martin was just commenting about how bad the visibility was, but that was nearly non existant. I guess they will be looking at what can be done.
    We really don't need things like this happening.
  11. A lot depends on track drainage, if the water drains off the track you fit wets, slow down and ride accordingly, if it pools then you have another issue, aqua planing . That's extremely difficult to allow for under race conditions. A the end of it all we want to see good racing not injuries and deaths.
  12. Very prompt action by the flaggies, however, despite the appalling visibility they had the yellows out instantly...

  13. Appreciate what you're saying there McS and i watched the incident live, and did fear the worse. I think officially it was 'rain stopped play'.
    That said, how good was the superbike race when the rain came on slowly and strategies came in to play? How good was Chaz Davies on slicks in the wet?

    It's always great racing on the superbike card, very competitive in the supersports class and always a terrible shame when there's any fatality.

    RIP Andrea Antonelli
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  14. Horrifying crash. RIP.

    I would rather see no race at all than this video.

    NOTE: close distance video of the crash, make sure you do want to see it.
  15. Mate, that vid is a little too strong for my liking - it needs a serious warning before people click the link.

    Edit it Mate to reflect, out of courtesy, please.
  16. Done.

    I think it's a bit ridiculous that the race went ahead. It is becoming too much of a business than sport.
  17. Cool, good work Mate.

    I really enjoy watching wet races - the skill of the riders twitching here, twitching there, staying up, maybe going down, out braking someone, i find spellbinding. But the spray they leave behind for the other racers must be horrendous - and you know by a racers character they're just going to grit their teeth and go for it, even when they can't see f*ck all.
  18. Terrible accident and may he rest in peace.
    Hard to know what could have been done to prevent it, do they have the super bright red flashers like they have for sports car racing in the wet? If they dont they really should, it may have showed the guys behind him that he was going down and then they could have moved over.

    Shit maybe even stick one on the racers lids.

    If they issue standard ones then everyone will be equally weighed down.

    But yeah, pretty rough accident.
  19. Don't know about the lids. They should have cancelled the race 2.

    Just watch the race 1 and the ridiculous conditions (half track dry, half wet as, at the end pooring rain).
    Everyone said in the interviews that they pretty much were glad to even finish the race.