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WSBK Round One - where can I find it??

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by deyago, Mar 1, 2005.

  1. Hey all,

    I fair while ago I came across a site that a guy had set up to store full race footage. You could go in and watch the most recent 500GP/MotoGP, WSBK races etc...

    Now, of course, that I want to watch something I can't find the bloody site! :roll: :?

    Does anyone else know the site or have a similar one to suggest? I'm specifically after WSBK Round One.

    If on the other hand someone taped it and can loan me the tape, that would be great. :D

  2. Talk to Nodz mate,im pretty sure he taped it man. 8)
  3. I PM'd Nodz the other day but have not heard back. I'd like to rediscover the site if I can, it's a ripper. I'll try again at home tonight and see how I go. Last year it had every MotoGP and WSBK race about a day or so after they ran. It meant I had to be blind and deaf for 24-48 hours but it was worth it to at least see the damn races! Fricken pay-per-view! :evil:
  4. Sounds like an awesome site man,if ya manage to find it again be sure to put up a link for us man! :p Lash out and get yourself Foxtel,you wont regret it! :D 8) I dont know how i ever lived without it! :p 8)
  5. So how the hell did you come across a site like that? Retrace your steps and get it back man...it sounds like a good site to visit....
  6. Tell me about it! I'm kicking myself I didn't pay more attention. I'm hoping I kept a link somewhere, probably stored it somewhere obscure, jeez I'm a dumb-arse (stop nodding you lot!) :?
  7. Hmmm, no that linked site doen't look familiar. Thanks though! Why the hell WSBK doesn't provide the races on the net like MotoGP is a mystery, it would be a good money spinner.
  8. Channel X are doing a 30min review of each round of WSBK 3 weeks after each event, if that's anything. :?
  9. Deyago, I PM'ed you, but you disappeared offline while I was typing the message I think.
  10. LOL! Hes been after you all day Nodz! :LOL: :p
  11. All Good! Thanks for getting in touch Nodz, dying to see Troy shine 8) :D