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VIC WSBK Phillip Island - Who will win?!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by 748girl, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. This year we have opted to do the Ducati marquee thing to support Troy's return and I am counting the sleep's - very excited. But today I received notification that there will be no grandstands at the Island this year. It will affect all the Corporate hospitality suites down the Straight and also the Gardner Straight grandstand. Unfortunately every year the grandstand count diminishes. I fondly remember stands at Southern, Bass Strait, Siberia and Lukey (I have sat in them all over the years), but this year zilch, zero! This year we get bleachers! Oh yeah! hard planks with no back support - should be fun and it doesn't appear that they will be as high as grandstands - therefore limited view.

    The reason for all this is the Commonwealth Games, they can't spare the grandstands. So, flame me if you like, but a WORLD event isn't that important apparently, especially if it involves motorcycles.

    Oh and the other thing you should know is the bleachers won't cost as much to hire, we are getting a refund from Ducati. If you thought you had a grandstand seat - start enquiring!
  2. I kinda find that hard to believe as the F1 GP is only 1 week after the Comm Games and it's still got the usual number of stands to the best of my knowledge.

    Maybe it's more a case of PI Ops don't want to spend the money on little used grandstands (especially if as you claim, there are less and less each year) after all Linfox is now in full control of PI and the Supers are run by PI Ops and not the GP Corp (who run the F1 & Moto GP's).

    Is it just me or is the PR machine for this years event a little more quieter than usual?
  3. PVDA, I realise that PIMS runs WSBK and I also know that this year's Phillip Island round had to be brought forward in March due to the Commonwealth Games, apparently there are not enough security people, grandstands, portable lavatories, etc to run everything at one, so they moved WSBK. That's fine, but then to say you can't have the facilities you were promised is just rude.

    As for the grandstands/bleachers thing. The corporate facilities down Gardner Straight are billed for the entire hire of the grandstand and they pass the cost onto the patrons, it has nothing to do with the cost of them, just the availability - I don't believe Frasers would lie about this kind of thing less than a fortnight from the event and offer a small refund as well. I just want to make sure that if anyone booked hospitality at Honda Red Rider or whatever which promoted a grandstand seat - that they know the situation has now changed and they should be compensated.

    I can understand if the number of public grandstands diminishing every year if they weren't utilised, but they always seemed to be full.

    You are right though there seems to have been very little promotion of the WSBK round this year. Perhaps there won't be enough loo's as well and they don't want people turning up :grin:
  4. I wasn't aware that the world supers have the grandstand option for patrons. I don't recall them being there in the past, only for the MotoGP events.
  5. mjt57, once upon a time even as recently as 2000 they offered grandstands at Lukey (I sat in this for the second race), Bass Strait, the main straight and a stand at Siberia (they used to have two there at North and South). Then the number began to decrease so that it was Bass Strait and Siberia and the Straight and then by last year this was down to Gardner Strait only I believe. This year there is only Club Superbike on the main straight. But certainly all the Club marquees past the access bridge offer grandstands. They are bigger stands for Motogp, but nonetheless the offer of stands for WSBK is part of the inducement to pay the extra for WSBK, because the rest of the stands no longer exist and I miss the view from Bass Strait!

    HRCA proudly say that they are offering "elevated grandstands" this year - might be a bit of a shock to find maybe they are not.
  6. Thanks for the heads-up, but it looks like it might just be Ducati that wasn't able to secure a grandstand.

    From Honda Riders Club ... "In regards to the grandstand issue, there was a problem with securing grandstands, however the Honda Rider's Club have sourced a stand & will run as usual."
  7. Thanks Mouth, that was really what I was most worried about, people not getting what they thought they were paying for.

    I am glad Honda have sourced a grandstand cos those in the HRCA tent are paying quite a lot more than we are at $500 per head (for exactly the same thing) as opposed to us poor Duke people - $425.00 per head, but we do get $35.00 a head back again and we get pit walk passes for free now too, although I would rather have the grandstand.

    Cheers again

    PS Hope there will be enough loo's!
  8. I guess the $75 difference means you actually do get a grandstand seat, instead of just a seat that never really existed :wink:
  9. After seeing Sykesy slide out to lose the chance of pole. Same spot Wayne maxwell lost out!
  10. #10 wino, Feb 23, 2014
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    well it looks like an Aprillia is going to win the first leg

    well maybe not . . .ha

    go Laverty, wtf happend @ lap 10 ?
  11. WOOHHHOOOOOO!!! Suzuki finally win!

    to be bad Laverty's engine blew, thought he had a good chance at a 1,2!

    Lowes needs to calm down a bit & can't believe the MV actually won something

    its going to be cracker of a season if it continues like this, its worth the wife whinging about not being able to watch house wifes of Melbourne or some crap
  12. I think you'll find cluzel achieves a lot more of that this season