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WSBK Losail Round 2 *** WARNING - SPOILER ***

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by bunabaroo, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. Go Max!!!!

    Damn that seppo's good though isn't he?

    I reckon that Max's V4 has more potential over the course of this season than Haga's V-twin.

    Go Max!!!
  2. I love the internet for allowing to watch these feeds live, free.

    Superbikes are completely awesome this year. My money's on Haga for the 2nd race (odds were good value), so -- Go Haga!
  3. Spies has a gift, and nurses that yamaha right to the end, when the Italian bikes have flogged their tyres.
    Good to see Max as a contender, but he'll never win, the poor bastard.
  4. how do u watch it free?
  5. The various naughty tv streaming channels, or on the sbk site by using an OS proxy.

    Or, you could be a rich swanky bloke like myself, and have pay tv.
  6. oh which station does wsbk?
  7. At my house, 503 (Fox Sports 3).
    Live streaming, would have to search for it. Haven't had the need, due to pay tv. But Sopcast usually delivers.
  8. Rich bastard. I had to go around the corner, to the Netrider event.

    Thanks to "Brij" for the ride home. You are a sweetie.
  9. Man, that Spies boy can ride, eh?

    Reminds me of when Haga first broke onto the scene... except Spies is making it look easier!

    Just when things should be rolling for Haga this year to finally grab the championship, this kid comes along and complicates matters a bit.

    This is going to be fun.