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WSBK Brands Hatch - reactions

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by rc36, Aug 9, 2005.

  1. I guess by now we will have all seen the races, what did we think?

    Corser is simply awesome at the moment. He's mastered stalking his opponent and the blasting them at the end of the race; but for a small miscalculation he would have done the same thing to Haga in the 2nd race as he did in the first.

    Vermeulen is the best of the rest, IMHO. Haga is undoubtedly fast but is too inconsistent. Ducati is struggling with unreliability as they try to get on par with the Japanese bikes. With increasing support from the Japanese factories due soon, Ducati are going to continue to find it tough. Their MototGp effort is certainly diluting the money that's available to support their WSBK effort.

    Supersports is in danger of becoming irrelevant unless someone can find a way to beat Ten Kate Honda.

    Great to see the Australians doing so well in both categories too.

  2. Hmm, yes the end of the first race was masterful.

    I didn't see anymore though, I fell asleep on the couch waiting for the second race.

    Had a sore neck the next day too from it.. Damn.
  3. Then you missed the two BSB round highlights as well???
    Bugger, those races are superb.
  4. Yep, I like the Fox Sports coverage of the WSBs. You certainly get some good races.

    As for the original comments re- the Dukes, if they had two top line riders then they might do better. Laconi is up there, but Toseland isn't. Just like neither two were front runners a while ago when Corser, Bayliss and Edwards were battling it out on their respective V twins (before Aprilia shit in its own nest and dumped Corser).
  5. Mate... Corser was great, shame about the lapse in the second race, but after chasing Haga for the best part of 15 laps it would have been a great finish if he just held that corner.

    But ya gotta love BSB, and Kiyonari, what a future that bloke has.. only 45 points behind Rutter, but with 5 rounds to go, I reckon he will win BSB this year.

    Did you see how close (think it was Wren) came in the second race at Knockhill to being wiped out by his own bike..

    Absolute Mad Bastards
  6. I agree. Toseland lucked into the title last year, Vemeulen should have won it. never been impressed with Laconi.

    I think it is, as I said before, a budget peoblem more than anything. Their MotoGp effort is consuming so much cash, the WSBK budget is suffering because of it. If they had a better budget, they could hire better riders.

    But, then again, look at the riders who have ridden for them recently. And where are they now? Hodsgson, the Bostroms, not exactly a glowing endorsement of their hiring policies is it?