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Wsbk 2012 [RACE SPOILER!!]

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by cascade63, May 14, 2012.

  1. Race 1 last night was probably one of the best races to be seen in motorsport for many a year. It was edge of the seat stuff and for a majority of the race there was less than a second separating the first 4 bikes. Add to it that the weather was almost ideal at Donnington made for a memorable experience.
    If you haven't watched it do yourself a favour and track it down.

    Haven't watched race 2 as yet, here's hoping it was as good as Race 1.
  2. Re: Wsbk 2012

    i was the same, watched race 1 but not 2. amazing stuff! good work bmw as well
  3. Re: Wsbk 2012

    fark just saw a compilation clip, what a shit end to race 2!
  4. Re: Wsbk 2012

    If you can work out what happened in the last corner your better than me,both racers were fantastic but I am still shacking my head over the end of the last one.
  5. Re: Wsbk 2012

    Race 2 was MUCH better. about 12 laps of 5 guys fighting hammer and tongs and to be honest the last corner looked inevitable. Don't think the right guy won but fortune favours the brave and as he had gone off track only 6 or 7 laps before the end his recovery was awesome.

    Get a copy and watch it makes me want to watch the whole series now (damn late nights).

    Cheers Spocky
  6. Re: Wsbk 2012

    Anyone know where to get a copy of the race?
  7. Re: Wsbk 2012

    give it a day or two, can take a while when there's multiple events on the same weekend. Download takes halfway to forever though

    Alternatively there is demonoid which should come online soon after the link above does.
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  8. Re: Wsbk 2012

    F#ck. Someone orta kick Rea in the @rse for that :(
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  9. Online now. Damn, I wasn't expecting that!
  10. Yeah you can find race 2 on hotfile, which downloads quicker than the filefactory links. The races have also been uploaded to youtube.
  11. BUMP

    Anyone know any/watch WSBK live streams online? MotoGP are usually straight forward to find, I've had no luck for WSBK so far.
  12. **** this shit

    stay up till 4 am... now 5... for wsbk and eurosport2 stays with the tennis...

    motorcycle racing coverage gets ****ed up the arse the world over
  13. Only place ive had real success is the underground racig site. seems to have the races up super quick.
  14. what site is that?
  15. Aragon race two starts soon. Race one had a good Melandri vs Biaggi battle, hopefully it'll be another good race.

    Edit: 4 way battle to the finish line. Awesome, awesome race.
  16. I cant stand Melandri. Kept hoping Sykes would bump him off after the move he pulled on haslam.
  17. 10 points now separating Melandri and Biaggi.