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WSBK’S Niccolò Canepa is facing a criminal charge

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by oz-riley, Aug 1, 2015.

  1. What a prick!

    WSBK’S Niccolò Canepa is facing a criminal charge over this incident caught on CCTV in which he allegedly applies another rider’s front brake, reports Motociclismo.

    Canepa, who rides a Ducati Panigale R in World Superbikes for the Althea Racing team, is due to appear in court charged with assault and battery according to the Italian magazine, which has posted the footage on its YouTube channel.

    It appears to show a rider hitting the brake lever of a Suzuki GSX-R1000 ridden by Davide Cappato during an amateur practice session at Mugello, Italy, on September 23 2013. Cappatto suffered a broken collarbone in the subsequent crash.

    Canepa is due to appear in court in Florence on September 30 according to Motociclismo. It’s understood he denies intentionally causing a crash.

    The 27-year-old Italian is currently 22nd in the WSBK championship standings.

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  2. Dunno how he's gonna get out of that one. Pretty obvious.
  3. How the Fcuk is he still being allowed to race
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  4. because they have to pay him either way?
  5. No sympathy there even if there had been a previous incident, no tolerance for that action.
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  6. I'm sure the only person who knows the truth is Canepa but the optimist in me hopes that the double take it did immediately afterwards indicates maybe he just wanted to give him a scare and things went terribly wrong. Kudo's to the rider behind who endo's and managed to keep it upright.

    It reminds me of Tony Stewart who was recently let off all charges for the manslaughter of Kevin Ward.
    This is one of those rare video's where the audio tells a better story than the video. Listen as Tony Stewart revs the engine right before striking Ward....absolutely chilling..
  7. Your Honor, I noticed some air bubbles in his Brake Fluid reservoir. I just wanted to make sure his brakes were ok before the next braking zone.
  8. Both of these riders / drivers should be banned for life
  9. What he said.

    Done and done.
  10. Even if he didn't intend to make him crash, hitting his bars in any way was always going to be dangerous. He should be charged for complete stupidity if nothing else.

  11. Having raced speedway and been around sprintcars most of my life, while Tony hit Kevin, what Kevin did was ridiculously stupid and got himself killed by doing it.

    The initial incident was a simple slide job and Kevin had ample opportunity to brake and pull in behind Tony and get him on the next corner.He didn't and was pushed into the wall, not Tony's fault, he had the line and the corner. (no rear view mirrors in sprint cars, once the front car is past the car being overtaken, the lead car has no responsibility to avoid contact as they can't see what's behind them. The onus is on the trailing car to avoid contact).

    After that Ward gets out of the car and he walks down a dark part of the track, in a black race suit to remonstrate with Stewart who was probably at the time not looking or not expecting Ward to run down the track like that. He gets IN FRONT OF THE RACECAR on the part of the track that is open to circulating cars and points and yells etc.

    This is 101 of what not to do on any racetrack for the reasons that lead to Kevin's death. Crossing a live racetrack increases the chances of getting hit, especially on a short oval track like a speedway with 30+ cars on track.

    If at the last second Tony saw him, his natural reaction would be to accelerate away from danger, Sprintcars have extreme stagger on the rear tires (Right rear is significantly larger, both in width and circumference, than the Left rear) which makes them turn left, revving the engine like that actually helps the car to turn.

    Sprintcars also have mechanical injection and can load up, meaning that to keep the car from bogging down on a re-start, you need to clear the lines by stabbing the throttle. If Tony didn't see him and he was just clearing the throttle, he wouldn't have known Kevin was there until too late, especially if he was re-positioning a top wing or adjusting shock absorbers from within the cockpit.

    Also, sprinters don't have clutches, its direct drive from the engine to the diff, it's either in gear or out of gear and they need to be push started so to stop dead on a racetrack means disengaging the drive, then slamming on the brakes to come to a stop. However, to disengage the driveline, you need to rev the engine quickly to unload the driveshaft to pop it out of gear.

    I'm not saying that any of these things are exactly what Tony did, just offering an explanation of things that could be misinterpreted as Stewart trying to run Ward over. He also could have been trying to intimidate Ward and accidentally hit him.

    Horrible accident but the fault doesn't lie completely with Tony, It was a Hot track and Kevin's actions were pretty silly. Tony was "let off" because Kevin actually did more to contribute to his own death than Tony did. Tony has to live with the fact that he killed somebody doing the thing that he loves. Kevin's family have lost a family member. Really sad, sad situation.

    OP's video is pretty open and shut, old mate grabs the front brake and causes the resulting crash. Dumb.
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  12. He definitely seems to give it a fair old swipe. It'd be interesting to know what he was actually thinking to do that, or what had happened to want to do that.

    Sofuoglu's headbutt is the way to go

  13. Seems to me like a deliberately slowing by canepas, reaches across, gives the front brake a stab, admires his success and off he goes...
    Wonder if Davide can swing a crowbar yet...only trying to help change Canepas tyre of course but accidently hit him fair in the bridge of his nose... ;)
  14. I have heard that flicking the kill switch has happened as a joke on tracks,even thats kinda stupid
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  15. Akin to attempted murder- premeditated action- wouldn't want me to survive them doing it to me...wouldn't be many places for them to hide that's a certainty!
  16. Yep, it was considered a bit of a joke to do back when I was swinging on MX Wasp outfits.
    The swinger would lean over and give the front brake a tap as they went around.
    Totally not on for me, that sort of shit can end badly as seen here.
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  17. It's a dog act on any observation.
    And BadGmmr, I agree with you completely, it was and is the golden rule of speedway that you don't get out of your car until the reds are thrown and all the cars stop moving. He let his anger overrule his training and his commonsense and paid the ultimate price for it...
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  18. I must tell a funny story, nonetheless.
    Back in the seventies there was a, how should I say, substantial gentleman in Albury, racing a Suzuki 500. At one race meeting I attended at Hume Weir, a 350 rider came into the pits in high dudgeon, complaining that said gentleman had prevented him from passing him into the braking area at Scrub Corner. And so he had! They were in the middle of a serious dice, and when the 350 attempted to pass him on the outside going into the corner, the Suzuki rider head simply stuck out his considerable paw and placed it on his opponent's chest!!! Such was his overall weight advantage the junior rider slowed down and fell in behind.
    The clerk of the course called it a racing incident...
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  19. Jesus do people really think it is a great laff to hit a kill switch whilst someone is concentrating during racing??
    Do some of you pull this stunt on track days as well...do you?
    I suppose it is one way to make sure I keep well out in front of you all and away from everyone else then ;) *joke*

    But seriously if that kind of shit is thought to be hilarious and actually happens at SMSP I should stay away from track days if that is the case because I so wouldn't be responsible for what I would do to the numbnut who did it to me...
  20. Nobody will do it to you oldmaid. If it ever gets done it's always mates who are fully capable of dealing with the consequences. Plus it's more a old wives tail with the minimal amount of times it's happened over the years.
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