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WSB 2008 - Who's staying where?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Flipper, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. Who's going to the supers this year?
    There are about 12 of us staying in our regular house in Cowes.
    We will be having the traditional Netrider BBQ on the Saturday night which, despite what some people presume, is

    PM for address

    It's Troy Boys last year of motorbike racing so I wouldn't miss it for the world :cry: :cry: :cry: :furious: :cry:

    So where is everyone staying?
  2. I'll be working Superbike wknd but most likely knocking off at about 9 on the Sat and Sun nights. Will drop in to catch up and have a drink Deb but can't hang around as the kids will be home.

    Not sure who is staying at my place yet. Due to the girls being home I'll be keeping things pretty low here. Most likely have the usual caravan residents, along with a few interstaters (NSW and Qld) staying here plus a few good friends who've stayed here before and know without my saying that they are welcome to return. :) Wont be like last year though - not with the girls here. Am also requesting folk who stay here pay a small 'fee' in which I'll be able to do a shop and get some juice and eggs and loo paper etc. Last year I was out of pocket for quite a few expenses and it was unfortunate that certain people did not offer anything out of what I guess would be respect for my hospitality. Considering they'd been offered free accom. for the wknd, the gesture of slinging me a few dollars or chipping in to clean up a bit would have been appreciated. *shrugs* You live and learn.
  3. That's pox Rosie. They should all chip in.
  4. ill be staying in cowes too, about a 10 minute walk from the isle of white. i normally head into cowes and get blind stupid drunk, but if im capable, ill drop round. deb, if you would care to send me a PM, u might even be close enough for me to walk to, cowes aint that big is it?
  5. I'm hoping to ride up Sunday :dance:
    This will be my FIRST time :shock: @ WSB. Gen admission.
    Not sure whether to take my still camera or video. :-k
    Hope the weather is smiling that day.
    PS: Does anyone know what time the events start & finish?
    I checked the PI website, but wasn't any wiser.
  6. I'm leaving Wednesday morning, getting there Thursday lunch and staying at the track, hard core.
  7. Trakside, Thursday till Monday.. Just like everyother year, everyother motorcycle event.
  8. I'm staying in "the pink room" again :grin:
  9. We are now planning on staying on the green stuff thanks to our lovely hostess Rosie from Saturday til Sunday :grin:
  10. Just doing the Sunday thang Flip. Big maybe for a Saturday arvo/evening. After Vic snoring rictor scale 4.9 in yer ear, while blissfully dozin 5 paces away ](*,) Im too scared to return :eek:hno:
  11. Hey ken, from what I hear, Vic is staying at Bangers this year so you would have been safe. I think there is still a bed available if you and Carri decide to stay :)
    Looks like there will be a few coming over on Saturday night. For those who still need the address, send me a PM. It's walking distance to Cowes central.
    We will be at the house from about lunchtime tomorrow for anyone who wants to call in :)