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wrong petrol in new bike

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by bly, May 6, 2007.

  1. there are no questions only dumb people right?

    think I'm a dumb person :roll:

    Well I filled up my Ducati Sport1000 for the firs time and used regular unleaded... looked in the handbook and it should have been 95 ron or higher

    Any likely problems anyone know of?
  2. G'day everyone,........

    You can ride the bike but will have to ride gently,...any hard exceleration will cause the engine to "Ping" because it is running on Low octane fuel to what it should be.

    It will foul the plugs a lot easyer as well,...
    Just change to the right fuel as soon as you can.
    Wait till tank is half full then top up with proper fuel.
    If bike is new and engine is still 'Tight' it will cope better but best to top up as soon as you can with Premium fuel.

    Dr Who?
  3. Should be O.K, just avoid prolonged full throttle till you run this tank through.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. If its pinging just add octane booster but would it? Is the engine that high compression for it to ping or has it got to do with the timing?
  5. G'day everyone,......

    It would be an isue with timeing,.....as higher octane fuel burns more stably.
    Engines made for higher octane fuels have differant timeing profiles.

    Actualy thats a realy good idea,......add octane booster.
    I forgot about that stuff.

    Dr Who?
  6. Maybe just siphon the fuel out and put it in your car!
  7. thanks a lot guys,
    will take your advice
  8. Just add octane booster and it's done.