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Wrong kind of lanesplitting

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ducky, Feb 27, 2005.

  1. Fun and games this morning on Bridge Rd. Coming up to a set of lights, they change to yellow. Start slowing down, usual look in mirror to see a clearly accelerating BMW. :eek: :shock: Note that this wasn't a sudden stop so no excuses for the idiot. I dive for the edge of the lane and the guy screams past (sharing my lane - missed me by inches) , still accelerating and goes through the red light (already changed for at least 3-4 seconds). Nice one. Just goes to show that checking the mirrors when coming up to lights is a GOOD idea. :)

  2. Whenever lane splitting up to a set of lights i always pull over into a lane leaving the middle free for others to pull up(or,like in your case,pop the cherry! :shock: ) Still,that bloke on the BMW was/is an idiot.Checkin your mirrors saved your arse this time by the sounds of it man!Glad your ok. :D
  3. Car drivers can be bad hey?

    I had one last week where a women talking on a mobile slows down and steers to the left kurb and then suddenly as I pass her does a right turn in front of me. The front brakes locked and I steered right not to hit her. Was in a 50 zone lucky enough.

    I thought if something happens I would abuse them etc... but all i thought about was how lucky I was. Funny hey.
  4. (minor thread hijack... but semi-relevant)

    Just to get my little 'incident' off my chest...
    Heading out east on Johnston St coming up to Hoddle St at about 5pm on Thursday. Admitedly it's the end of the day and everyones a little antsy and wanting to get home.

    I'm running along in the far left left (2 lanes running in my direction with the centre lane for turning only) and see the light ahead start to change to amber, and as im only going slowly decide to pull to a complete stop; as such start braking. I'm in the right wheel track at this point in time in the far left lane.

    Just as i ease the brakes on i notice an object, most likely a car very close on my rear wheel... and just as i notice the horn comes a blasting! W T F? Stopped at the lights admittedly just AS they were changing from amber to red only to have the guy wind down his window and start hammering abuse at me. Turns out he was trying to duck past me on the left (!?!!!) with me in the right wheel track of the same lane; WHY!?!! Just to try and make the light which was amber, turning to red.

    I turn around... see him shouting something to the effect of 'why the f(_)(k didnt i get out of the way', and that im '...another stupid f'ing biker.'
    I calmly pop the bike in neutral, wheel it back almost next to his car, flip the visor up (dark tint) and then ask him what the hell his problem is. (His wife / female companion is embarrased and slightly terrified at this point). After another wave of that im 'just another idiot on the road'; i plainly tell him that the thing in front of him is a traffic light. Green means go, amber means stop with caution, and red means stop; followed by the very simple question regarding his varying levels of success dealing with colour blindness.

    Popped it back into gear and move forward again, even MORE to the right of the lane than before incase he decided to run up the back of me when the light went green.

    GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR... thats about the 3rd or 4th road rage confrontation i've had like this in the last month. I dont know what it is about me; perhaps i just incite rage from cagers. I just put it down to him being a dick, and that the majority of cagers are brain dead from the moment they get their license. (I'm also a cager, but after riding a bike; im now one of those people who moves over to LET you lane split past me; and thanks people who do that same for me when i ride).
  5. Hey Koma someone told me once that in a situation like that you should ride an Across.

    :? Why?

    Well, keep a big f**king rock in the "trunk". :)
    In a situation like yours........

  6. Seriously though, it's pretty bloody amazing to see some of the attitudes of some drivers. They just don't give a flying phukk about the LIVES of bikeriders.

    Just gotta keep an eye out :wink:
  7. Coming down Mt Highway from the top of Mt Dandy the other day,i came tootling round a blind right hand hairpin,as im coming out of it,theres a line of about 6 cars comin towards me,the only thing is,there was a moron in a commodore passing them all!(over double whites into a blind corner!)
    If i had of been 1 sec quicker through that corner,i would be dead. :evil: I usually dont chase idiotic cagers,but this was just too close! :evil: Ok,i drop a ubolt and catch this moron up the top waiting to turn right,as luck would have it,his passenger windows down,so i start havin a go at this idiot when he starts accusing me of riding too fast!(How unusual 4 a cager! :roll: ) Anyway,im damn near frothing at the mouth when i notice the idiot has 2 kiddies in the back no older than 4-5 y.o.!! :evil: Needless to say i saw red! (even more so):evil: Not only does this friggin moron nearly kill me,he could have killed his little bloody kids as well! What if i had of been a bus!? :evil: So the moron just pulls out in front of more cars to get away! :shock: Unbelievable!! :roll: :evil: I hate non biker cage drivers,they live in their own little world and dont give a flying f. about anyone else! :evil: :evil:
    Ok rant over! :D
  8. I shake my head, some drivers should not be on the road. And the ones with kiddies in the car makes my blood boil. :evil: :evil:

    Stay safe everyone.

  9. Yep. Me too. It's always nice to see a car driver make room for you like that. Hell, any indication that a car driver has seen you is unusual enough to make it memorable... :LOL: even if it's more common to see them move over to ensure you CAN'T make it past...
  10. So that's what the trunk's for! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Seen this morning - mum dropping kid off at school and driving away with her spaniel sitting on her lap... :roll:
  11. these are the stories that make me wish big brother had chips in cars etc to automatically fine/take their license off them when cagers do something irresponsible
  12. Ok, so I am heading out of Melbourne on Victoria Pde in the right hand lane, and indicate for about 4 seconds before switching lanes (new bike = heightened paranoia), with a quick head check just before the switch. Blast of horn behind me and squeak of brakes. Second or two of heart pounding in the ears before I realise what has transpired. "Lady" (not wishing to alienate you girls, but in THIS case it was a woman), has darted from left lane into the centre. Mentally check everything I did, but don't even remember seeing this car in the "threat window". Traffic comes to a standstill and "lady" starts tooting horn and cursing so loudly and vehemently several construction workers down tools and complain to the union about language in the workplace.

    Decide not to engage (consequences of having been married), and lanesplit a couple of cars down. Tirade continues. Look in mirror to see "lady" jumping up and down in the car to the point where the blue Laser is rocking, gesticulating in my direction and cussing like a trapper.

    Traffic moves, and I take interest as this Laser darts in and out of the traffic (she really should have bought the model with the indicator option), causing cars and trucks to take avoiding action. Every time she sees me, pointing and fist shaking. (I have to keep looking straight ahead for effect - she thinks I am not hearing her so gets louder. I love dark visors). I am concentrating on not being where the other vehicles will need to be avoiding to. I would have been easy to lane-split at the lights and leave it behind, but by now fascination was setting in. Man, this was better than the movies!

    Eventually we get to Hoddle St and wait at the lights. She is in the centre lane, and I can't resist pulling next to her, flipping the visor, and saying "Hey sweetie, show us yer tits!". Ballistic is an understated term for the response I believe, and I must admit to a smirk as I peeled off into Hoddle St.

    That was beautiful.
  14. She must've been purple with rage! ROFLMAO! Nice one man! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. hahahaha pure gold :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: nice one smee
  16. Replace the little "trunk" spring with a big "trunk" spring..
    missile on top, release boot, instant forward firing catapult!!!!

    Was it a cocker spaniel?

    JJ (yeah I know, above the navel please)