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{Wrong forum} Low engine oil level

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Danhendo888, May 31, 2014.

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  1. i've done 200kms on my new ninja 300 and checked the engine oil level and its below the lower line. where do i go to change or fill up engine oil (i know nothing about cars/bikes) how long will it take roughly and how much should i expect to pay? how often should engine oil be taken care of?

  2. Is the bike still on its side stand? Needs to be upright when you look througg the oil level window.
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  3. ahh i'm alright then - i just checked again

    i didn't realise the window was that sensitive to bike standing position. thanks mate
  4. Might be worth reading through a service manual so you can see what needs doing and when, also tells you how. Ive never bought a new bike so I dont know if they come with any manuals
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  5. Basic servicing info, such as oil type and volume and service intervals, is usually in the owner's manual which comes with the bike.
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  6. i heard about those.. i'll give bikebiz a call re the service manual, see if they have them for sale. did a search on google but couldn't locate anything (inc kawasaki official page) apart from other forum users also looking for ninja 300 service manuals..
  7. The muppets at your dealership probably lost it for you.
  8. As per Dark Angel the basic maintenance and general info about the bike comes in your owners manual which might even be wrapped up a pouch somewhere on your bike, the more in depth service requirements info and schematics e.g. how to take apart clutch/engine etc etc are in a much more comprehensive service manual, these days mostly electronic copy.

  9. Here you are, downloadable PDF.


    If that's the wrong one or the link doesn't work then do a search here but you'll need to agree to the statement before you get to the search page.

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