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Featured VIC Written off vehicle registry

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Thomas Li, May 9, 2015.

  1. Hi all!

    We all know for a fact that a motorcycle which is more than 15 years old doesn't need to go into the Written Off Vehicle Registry (WOVR). However, the insurance just sent a notification to Vicroads stating that "the bike is a write-off". My bike is a 1999 model so its already 16 years old. Will it still go onto the WOVR?

    The insurance actually told me on Thursday that the bike will not go into the WOVR but when I called on the following day, a different guy told me that they sent a notification to Vicroads. (Btw the guy did not even know the difference between repairable write-off and statutory write-off. For him, "a write off is a write off").

    My bike was deemed as a total loss. I was thinking I could take the money from insurance and repair it myself. But now I'm not really sure because if it gets into the WOVR, I need to get a VIV certificate which will cost $500 more.

    Help will be greatly appreciated!

    PS: I only have a third party insurance. The driver I hit was at fault and accepted full liability. I am now dealing with her insurance company.
  2. Hmmm interesting one.
  3. I made the call Friday late afternoon. I could only double check with Vicroads and the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR). They could only tell me that the bike is not in the WOVR at the time and date I called them. But both could not answer my question whether the notification will be processed or not.
  4. colour me daff, but doesn't that apply to vehicles that where fixed 15 years ago, not vehicles that are 15 years old... ?
  5. I dont think so. It says on the Vicroads website: "In Victoria, light vehicles (including motorcycles) up to fifteen (15) years of age that are assessed as ‘repairable’ or ‘statutory write-off’ are required to be recorded on the Written-off Vehicles Register."

    It says "up to 15 years of age". I'm not sure whether my bike will be accepted or not.
  6. If i recall correctly, what that means is that by law, for vehicles up to 15yrs of age, they have to be recorded. After that, they don't have to be, but still can be. (reason being, many people do exactly what you want to do, or by v. old models and rebuild/modify them).

    FWIW - many (read most) insurance companies will send an 'auto' notification for write-offs (stat/constructive/total etc), simply to cover their own ass
  7. I've just handled a claim myself, but am going from my understanding of how it was explained to me by an RACV assessor. You are right that vehicles older than that age (15 might have been right) don't go on the register. Also the important factor though is whether the insurance company paying out is yours or theirs. If it is yours, they could be dumb enough to put it on the register, and that would be friggin annoying just as you say. If it is their insurance then I don't think they have any right to do anything with your bike, it remains your property, and you just take the cash they owe you.
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  8. Thanks guys! I got it sorted out. The guy who was speaking to me was a total newbie. They haven't sent notification to Vicroads. They sent me a letter attaching the notification that I can choose to submit. I am keeping the bike. But I still have to wait for the fekkin driver to pay her excess so that the insurance can pay me out.

    Quite right! Since it was the driver's insurance, I got the choice of keeping the bike. However their insurance is way below the standards of other insurance. They did not even have a motorcycle department and no one could explain me the process clear enough, not to mention they were all very rude..
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    Getting their customer to pay their excess is their problem not yours. they should not be holding your money because someone else is slack.
    (I dont know if theyre allowed to or not seems to be an easy way to keep your money in their pocket tho)
  10. A: 15 year to the date and older will not be put on WOVR.
    B: You are the third party as such you don't have any legally binding contract with the insured parties company.
    C: The insurance company will not pay you out until their client has met policy conditions.