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NSW Written off bike

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by basejumper, Jul 16, 2015.

  1. So I brought this cbr that was not insured and had been knocked over in a car park by a lady in a car . The lady's insurance company paid the owner out and he kept the bike. The Rego was cancelled and insurance company told the owner the bike could not be registered again.
    I buy the bike and the blue slip guy and lady at rta both tell me bike has clear title and it can be registered?
    I'm confused, anyone got any ideas ?

  2. Bizarre..I thought once written off that was that and deemed unregistrable?
  3. If you know who served you, get them to clarify once more after mentioning to them that the insurance company told you the bike is a write-off.
  4. REVS check?

    can the other persons insurance company even write it off??
  5. Depends on the type of write off, at least in Victoria we have Repairable Write Off and Statutory Write Off. RWO is able to be registered again with a VIV and RWC. However SWO means the vehicle has sustained enough structural damage to make it non repairable in the eyes of the assessor. SWOs are recorded at Vicroads and you definitely cannot register them ever again. If the RTA in your state is offering you a registration it's likely an RWO or whatever your equivalent is.
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  6. I reckon if its not showing up on the register of written off vehicles, get it blue slipped and rego'ed as quick as you can.
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  7. A good start would be a REVS or PPSR check
  8. I think don't ask questions, if they register it and the Vin and Engine number match. Ride it home and have a celebratory beer.
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  9. at worst you'll get a year out of it before it has to be track bike :)
  10. Check the WOVR and if the VIN doesn't appear there, screen dump it, print it and file. Then get the AUVIS to issue the Blue slip, buy CTP and go register. if the RMS later try to cancel the rego, present the print out from the WOVR and tell them you purchased it on that basis. They will let you keep it registered, or at least be liable to buy it from you.
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  11. This happens quite often.
    I think "your" insurance company or you personally can register a motorcycle as SWO or RWO on the WOVR. It's a bit of a loophole in the system as occasionally you see people flogging stuff on ebay saying that it's been damaged however because they didn't report it to their local roads authority, it's never logged in the system and therefore has a clear title.
    If you want to register it then pay the $5 for the REVS / WOVR check and you should be covered.