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Written off bike with aftermarket exhaust?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Cheeba, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. Just thought I would try and pick some brains here with a 'hypothetical' question ;)

    If a bike had been deemed a write off and it has an aftermarket exhaust - would you push an insurance company to include the pipe in the payout? Say the pipe had already been declared prior to renewing the policy so it is stated on the documents as a modified exhaust.

    Obviously with pipes being a bit of a grey area, I wanted to seek a bit of feedback from you guys for this situation should it ever arise for instance.
  2. If it's on your policy as an extra, then you'll be covered.

    If it's not on your policy, you'd be pushing it to get paid for it, so maybe it actually wasn't on the bike at the time... Hypothetically.
  3. As MV said, if you declared it and its on your policy, you're covered. Hence why they charge you for it.

    With any insurance, read the PDS before choosing a policy, you'd be stunned at some of the clauses they have in them, just a way for them to waive any responsibility or liability.

    I hate insurance companies, not one pleasant experience.
  4. That was the answer I wanted to hear, thanks guys. I assumed that if a company still issues a policy with a modded exhaust and takes your premium, then they are happy to pay out but hypothetically I wouldn't want to push for it for them to then void the policy.
  5. Just checked and they didn't adjust a premium - anyone had experience if I was hypothetically with QBE?
  6. Perhaps, hypothetically.. you should call them and ask :wink:
  7. When I had my GS500F, I added a Yoshi and a Ventura rack. Rang Swann and told them of the mods/additions and it simply bumped up the insured value by the amount the components cost - didn't increase in my premium though.
  8. QBE dont necessarily increase your premium taking into account added mods, what you may find though is in the event of a write-off the total sum insured payout is going to include any add-ons value..... not PLUS add-ons value
  9. Like any other insurance policy, if you disclose it and it is accounted for in the sum insured (either the primary sum insured, or insured accessories / valuables / riding gear like InsureMyRide do), it will be covered. If you don't, it's not a part of the insurance contract.

    Worst case scenario, if your bike is heavily modified and you don't disclose the modifications your claim can be subject to ratio for underinsurance, and you can wind up with less than the market/agreed value on that basis. The bottom line is: Disclose and read the applicable policy. :)
  10. If the exhaust was damaged in an accident hat wasn't your fail you could sue for the exhaust separately.
  11. They have done a bit of both. They are covering half of the cost of the exhaust as it is not considered by them to be an accessory as there was already an exhaust on there and I just chose to change it.