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Write offs!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by mugen1, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. hey guys!

    Just wondering how many write-offs most you of guys have had during your Ls and provisional licenses and how?

    Just reading some of the threads and stuff and it sounds like some people have gone through 2 or 3 bikes even..

  2. none, though I have been aware enough to avoid a few incidents that probably would have landed me with a writen off bike. One does so need ot pay attention to ones riding environment. My first was on a hot day at St Kilda...... Very distracting.
  3. no bike write offs but am hoping my hail damaged car gets written off this week! Too much starting to go wrong with it and never use it so hoping there's enough damage to just hand it over and get a check in the mail towards a nice new car sometime in the future!
  4. Haven’t written off a bike yet.
    Don’t intend on changing the trend.
  5. my hyo gt250r 07 got written off thanks to a lady in a toyota hilux.
  6. Wrote off my cbf 250 thanks to a non indicating p plater u turn. win :)
  7. Wrote off my first KLE after 11 months of incident free riding, was completely my fault, first time I had been "off road" on it and should have researched how to ride a bike on loose gravel before I set off. The bike is more than capable in those conditions but the rider was not!!

    Anyway, quite glad in a way to have my first off at relatively low speed on a road with no other traffic (apart from 2 other bikes behind me). Coming off is always a worry especially when you don't know what to expect, having done it once I know how it feels and will try even harder to avoid doing it again!

  8. None for me, had 1-2 drops - but the damage was mainly cosmetic.
  9. doesn't take a big accident to write off a faired 4k bike.....bash up 2 or more fairings and scratch a exhaust and congrats and welcome to the club :)
  10. I havent....

    my brother would have...well to a insurance assessor, to me spray fairing, new indicators & mirrors, aftermarket bar ends and shes good as new.
  11. got a coupla mates who bought new bikes on their Ls and its hard to think they aren't gonna drop it or nething with 10-12months experience riding right

    reckon write offs usually are caused by drivers aye, no looking when switching lanes...cagers..!!!!!
  12. Its not always as bad as you think...

    I just got a $5.2K payout for my GPX and i paid $4.2K for it.

    The damage was only cosmetic but the amount and area of the damage was enough to write it off,

    I was sandwiched between a parked car and some lady in an Audi, i wasn't really hurt just had some damage to my riding gear.

    So yeah i had it a year and a half maybe almost 2 and made a grand on it. :grin: and now i get to upgrade.