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VIC write-off register, self repair?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jarrodt, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, first post here. I hope this is the right section, was considering the mods section.. but its a legal/regulation question.
    I have been riding for a year now, bought a vtr250 at the start of 2011 and hit a car at pretty low speed on russel st a few weeks ago.. Car pulled in front of me from the left lane to turn into a park in the middle of the road, it was down hill so although I had a fair distance to stop, I didnt quite do so in time.
    Car driver claimed responsibility and her insurance is covering me.

    The damage is pretty minor (and I somehow landed on my feet), I think the bike must have hit the road on a forward right angle, bending the handlebar, breaking the right mirror mount (built into the brake piston) and destroying the instrument cluster, the radiator is slightly bent, there is a small dint on the tank and a couple of small scratches elsewhere.
    no mechanical damage, I left it running on its side, so it flooded and hydrolocked, but other than that I believe it is still ridable
    I pushed it down to Motorcycle City the next day for a quote, $2100 in parts, $600 labor, I thought that was a bit steep but its an insurance job..
    Insurance got another quote from Melbourne Motorcycle Fairings, who quoted $3700, this quote included cost for repainting half of the bike..

    So bike is a reparable write off, I chose to keep the bike, I will be paid $3000 by insurance. so essentially my bike is worth $1000 to me (I originally paid $4k)

    I held on to the "written off" VTR thinking I could do one of three things to get it back on the road:
    1 - buy the parts cheap over the net and wreckers, instruments, right hand brake cylinder, mirrors. try a repair on the radiator (bend it back into shape, its only a slight bend) and fit it all myself (I'm a huge DIYer) This would probably be under $500 in parts
    2 - go get it repaired at a shop, surely would be less than both the insurance quotes especially if i don't bother with the aesthetic damage.
    3 - do some mods while I'm at it, aftermarket speedo (much smaller than original for a more minimalist look), dual headlights, get clip on or lower bars, end up with something like this (plus the clip ons) http://www.perthstreetbikes.com/forum/f61/fixing-vtr250-60846/index2.html#post1086711

    But, since it is a reparable write-off, and on the write-off register.. it seems the roadworthy requirements are more strict. have to repair in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines and keep tax invoices and a "repair diary." ref: http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/Home...ed/Written-off+Vehicles/Repairingavehicle.htm
    This page also mentions that if the bike is a write off primarily due to cosmetic damage, all of this cosmetic damage must be repaired before it can be registered again!

    How strict are they with write-off road-worthies?
    Can repair it myself? Can I do mods? Or do I have to get it done by a certified mechanic? Do I have to get the scratches and dints fixed up?

    I will post pictures when the bike gets delivered. I also have scans of both quotes.
    edit: here they are
    click for the full album

    Cheers. Jarrod
  2. just to clarify, has the bike been classed as repairable write off with vic roads or just your insurance company has "written it off" the books as a loss to them?
  3. Yes it is a reparable write-off, the insurance assessor told me they are putting it on the write-off register as such
  4. I am under the impression it must be repaired to original or what it was when damaged? I could be wrong.. you MUST take pics before repairs are done on everything that is damaged as a VIV inspection will need you to repair 'the required' and they will already have pics [from what I have been told] receipts for EVERYTHING you are replacing or repairing.
  5. so.. it already had those scratches and dints when I bought it then ;)
  6. When you took out insurance and they asked whether there was any existing damage, what did you tell them?
  7. There are a lot of cars that were written off with hail damage that are driving around with unrepaired dents in them. Check with vicroads..
  8. Ah yeah, forgot to mention that, I'm uninsured, drivers insurance sorted it out. They did not ask about the initial condition.

    And I believe cars with hail damage were given an exemption http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/Home...Vehiclesdamagedinthehailstormof6March2010.htm

    So has anyone had any experience repairing a write-off themselves? I might head down to a mechanic that does roadworthy certifications and ask.
  9. If a vehicle is on the write off register then the only way to get it off that is to get a VIV.

    VIV's essentially check that you have not used any stolen parts in the repair process. You must have a receipt for every part (down to the washers with some places) that has been purchased. If you can not get an official receipt a hand written one is ok as long as it contains the sellers licence number. Stat dec's can be used but some places will give you a hard time over those.

    For repairs, every repair must be detailed in that you have pictures of the repair process from start to finish.

    Every bit of damage the insurance company report will be listed on the vicroads database and you are expected to either repair or replace all of these parts.

    The bike must be presented in a road worthy condition otherwise they are not oblidged to do the VIV and you must rebook and forfeit your $440 already paid and find another $440

    Hope like hell you don't get a place in rowville for your VIV. They like to fail people and make them do it again. You can not choose where you go for a VIV, you book it in to vicroads and they give you a location and time to take it there.

    I've seen about 20 bikes go through this process and if I was doing it personally, no thanks, it is a very painful and can be a costly procedure.

    Good luck to the OP
  10. Thanks for that tim, sounds like I will need the luck.
    Just looking through the VIV page on vicroads now. Why are they so tough about it? I mean $480 for a failed test is retarded. I guess they spend the same time on if whether you pass of not..
    Although I cant find any mention of the exact requirements for repair. From what you said, its pretty much the worst I imagined. Although in my case it should be pretty easy, I only need receipts for a couple of replacement parts, if I do repairs myself then obviously receipts are not required so long as I document it, photos etc.
    I wonder if I could just respray the whole bike a different colour, or if they require the exact metallic red it had before the crash.
  11. nope you can paint it any colour, again just take photo's as you prep each stage, i did it with my current dl650 was a pretty straight forward process imo. I kept ever reciept have a mini folder with colour pics of things being pulled apart and put back together, pics of parts being sanded, uncoated, and repainted.

    Didn't have any trouble.
  12. well repainting actually seems a bit extreme in my case:

    click for the full album

    Also I cleaned the spark plugs and changed the oil, it runs like nothing happened..
  13. Today I took it in to get a reasonable (non-insurance) quote, they seemed to think the VIV was mainly about the bike being in roadworthy condition, and using parts from legitimate sources, so not to worry about the cosmetic damage (if you look at the photos I took.. its like what cosmetic damage?) but not a definitive answer.

    I gave vicroads a call and asked if repairing cosmetic damage - which was included in the quote used to write it off - is required to get a VIV, they said the vehicle has to be repaired to manufacturers specifications (which is a quote off the website I swear..) I asked about scratches in paintwork and she said it was up to the VIV inspector, I should contact a repairer that does repairs for VIV inspection regularly.
    No one can give me a straight answer!

    In other news, insurance money reached my bank account.. looks like I'm gonna make quite a profit off this anyway.
  14. spray can over the damage then wipe of the paint leaving the gashes filled,
    And u can count that as repaired, they dont like rust or sharp edges ud be unlucky to fail on anything less than that
  15. Would finding out who does the Bike VIV inspections and asking them?
    If the guy gives you a happy answer, write it down with the time date and his name.
    it might help.
    And please keep us informed, I might have to get one for the ZZR250 yet..
  16. The vicroads website recommends you get a roadworthy before going for the VIV.. it seems the requirements are about the same except for the paperwork/logbook required for VIV. And the whole "repair to manufacturers specification" which would prevent applying any modifications.

    @foot69 I was thinking about that, I asked the guys at bikes 'n bits they reckon the only places that do them are car repair places, I forgot the names.
    Anyway looks like I might be getting them to do my repairs.. depending on what they quote. I havent called around any wreckers yet - I have a feeling its going to be hard to find vtr parts.
  17. Just updating the thread, got another quote from the shop in brighton, $2000 for everything but fairings and fuel tank. I decided just to go for it. I'll have to fork out $450 for the VIV and I'll still be $1550 ahead

    According to the guys there, who have done repairs for VIV, any damage on the frame, forks, handlebars or levers must be fixed, even if its only a scratch. small chips in paint on fairings you can get away with.