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Write off or NOT a write off??

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by papakon, Mar 14, 2009.


  2. read you pds, and see what it states. If they are breaching the PDS, then you can jump up and down. if you want it reparied to a certain way, they may be willing to allow you to pay for the difference, between the repair, and the replace.

    This is why I use a broker. It is her job to sort this garbage out in my favour.
  3. they will usually pay up to 75% of insured value to repair before they deem it a total loss.....Its generally up to the assesor to decide what gets repaired and what gets replaced....not the owner.If you want to give them a bit of curry,ask QBE for a data sheet on the bikes geometry if your concerned about a chassis issue....NOT A REPORT FROM THE DEALER but an actuall geometry data sheet from your bike...they wont like that as they wouldnt allow them on jobs we have had through work( we have the machine here,its quite exclusive in australia)There view is its unnecessary.....We wont do any QBE quotes anymore....Its very important that bike handles/behaves the way the manufacture intended for safe operation.....If they refuse....ask the assesor to put his name on it that the vehicle is returned to original condition then get it checked....No assesor in there rightmind would put his name on something like that without being 100% sure....take a look http://www.scheibner.de/
  4. From your damage assessment, would think that they could make more selling your bike as a "repairable write off" and give you a cheque rather than do the repairs :?

    Doubt you can do much as it's up to them, but you did state "minor fall" so doubt there'd be any serious damage.

    Gotta remember they're dealing with claims all day, so place some faith in their judgement.

    Had a bike insured for $7,500 (with QBE) and $4K damage, cheque came to me less excess. At the time I was shattered, bike took six months to find, but all worked out well with me moving onto the current Sports Tourer and really enjoying the different style of bike/riding
  5. Kishy can offer the real advice here, but their obligation is to repair the bike to the standard it was before the accident, not as it left the factory. From what you said, they're not replacing items with second hand parts, just repairing items that they think can be repaired easily and safely.

    Radiators are expensive, but for small dings are easily repaired. Scratches can be buffed out really easily. Same as if you had a car and picked up some minor damage, you don't expect them to replace a wing when some paint and body repair will do the same for 1/3 of the cost.

    All the new for old policies that I've had have been for the first 12mths.

    Again, Kishy can dive in, but I am also sure that for them to write your bike off, the use a simple calculation of the repair value and salvage value, related to the payout amount.
  6. Hmmm,Interesting...Not sure of the Insurer but,I know of a near new MotoGuzzi Sport 1200 (2k klm) 'written off' due to 'frame issues' after a minor low speed accident that caused very little cosmetic damage. :?
    'Mate picked it up for $4K! :cool: and reckons it should be an easy enough fix.
    It makes you wonder if new parts availability etc plays a part too...