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Wrist/hand protection - advice wanted

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Brionnach, Oct 28, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    I recently had a fall from my bike and in the process rolled my left hand a fractured a bone in it, yet I was only going low speed (around 40 clicks) and braked too hard in the gravel (still an inexperienced learner!). I feel it is the type of injury I could well be susceptible to again. At the time I was wearing a pair of thick leather DriRider gloves, however I was wondering if anyone happens to know of any other kind of gloves (or hand/wrist protection) that could help lessen the chance of this injury reoccuring. Any advice is most welcome.

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  3. Yeah, but if you put that on, won't it make it rather hard to twist your wrist? (i.e. make the bike go)
  4. LEFT hand
  5. Hey Dan that looks like a good device!

    My only disclaimer would be that desperate riders (present company excepted, of course) might make use of it to ride when they should be healing/rehabilitating. Now you're not going to do that, are you, Brionnach? :D
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  7. See Brionnach's earlier post and injury report, it's her scaphoid bone, so she's got to make sure it heals really well.
  8. She sure does. I also suspect the having one of those wrist guards on would make it MIGHTY hard to put a glove on. I think they are a great idea but i'd much prefer a glove and no guard to a guard and no glove.

  9. So everytime you fall off, you fall onto your left hand?
  10. Since the injury was to the left hand, I understood this too mean protecting the affected wrist from another break, but if you do it for one, you may as well protect both I suppose.
  11. That was my understanding of it aswell, therefore the guard would only be worn on the left hand to prevent the injury, with the area already weakened, happening again.
  12. Thanks dan, that looks like the kind of thing that might help. I'll see if any are stocked here is Oz.

  13. Fortunately it was nowhere near as bad as it could have been though. I'm already out of the cast! I might go for a short ride this weekend if the tendons are up to it.

  14. greetings all:butt:

    I was just reading HellForLeather on-line mag, an article on some gloves still in the design stage, possibly marketed 2nd quarter next year, product being 'Knox Handroid. (and likely very expensive)

    ...and so i dug up this thread, being such a good boy and using the 'search' function, to see if my imminent question has been queried before.:angel:

    what interests me with the 'Knox Handroid' in particular and relevent to this thread is the scaphoid protection.

    to quote HellForLeather article "
    The scaphoid is a small bone that connects the thumb to the wrist. It's a biatch to injure; because it doesn't receive much blood flow, it takes forever to heal, if it ever heals at all. Bikers are particularly susceptible to scaphoid fractures if the palms of their gloves grab the road as the body continues to flip over. The slider on these gloves, some of the first designed to protect against this injury, are meant to prevent that grab. " unquote.

    full article: http://hellforleathermagazine.com/2009/12/knox-hand-armor-the-next-step.html#more

    further googaling reveals that the Knox patented scaphoid protection palm slider doohickies are allready used in some upmarket race gloves sold by various manufacturers.:-k

    ...and to finally get to the point and pose my question > Does anyone here own and/or can reccommend a reasonably affordable glove that has this feature or some feature that offers some protection for the scaphoid bone? :beer:
  15. I love Brian Vanns videos , for sure.

    The higher end Astars gloves such as the GP plus have a similar feature on the palm although not offering as much protection as the Knox on the palm or the wrist.

    I really like those Biomech gloves.
  16. thanks K.Sly...i've looked at a few higher end gloves, like full race gloves top of the range stuff...but can't really justify the need or the prices, as beautiful as they are...trying to find something a bit more light and easy that still incorporates some of the good protection features the high end gloves have...and yes indeed those biomech android hands are way cool.

    twistngo, thanks for the links, interesting, but i'm thinking that stuff is more designed to absorb the transfer of energy...whereas the Knox palm slider pucks thingies deflect the energy...i'm kinda sold on that, even though i don't really have a clue what's better...just got the marketting speils to go by really....and now that i've read all this crap on the interwebs about scaphoid bone injuries i'm all paranoid about it haha.
  17. I personally suggest that you use a longer glove with wrist protection. The Xtreme brand has a Highway glove, and an Air Rider glove. They are excellent for this and have been designed to protect against specific injuries. Kaprotec abrasion resistance pads are used. In the AirRider Gloves there is a side protection that targets wrist injuries. They are available from AMX outlets.
  18. well i'll take your advice on board then sam99 and research these Xtreme gloves thoroughly:-k...

    oh dear:-s...apparently these gloves are ****ing shit !

    this is probably my favourite review of Xtreme gloves> http://reviews.ebay.co.uk/extreme-gloves_W0QQugidZ10000000004611142
    ...and i've found many more like it haha.:grin:

    ..also of interest was that 5 out of 5 posts by your dubious self are flogging the brand at your selected retailer....that's no good is it sam[-X...theres a special place in Hell reserved for spammers.

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