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Wrenching with one hand out (comic)

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by shovelRob, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. My mates here may think I'm bananas to come back and post another comic, but this one may get past the language barrier. Hard to say, and I'm pretty sure nobody will hold back if it's rubbish:

  2. it's amusing but not funny and in this case that theme has been done to death.
    Keep trying though there is a certain charm about the character.
  3. I've enjoyed them so far mate. They're not laugh out loud so much, but get a smile out of me.
  4. That's terrific feedback--thank you!!

    My goal is smiles. Once in a while I might get a chuckle out of someone, and that's nice. And character/story folks can connect with.

    I think I'm just getting started with it, really, and have a long ways to go yet.
  5. Truth be told, laugh out loud comics are all well and good, but usually hit and miss. The ones that make me smile each and every time are something very special. That's why I love calvin and hobbes so much. If you ever get to that point, well...
  6. yeah, Calvin and Hobbes is most certainly top shelf. I take a lot of notes from Doonesbury as well as Trudeau keeps a long-running story there, or several parallel ones.

    I'm not expecting to quit my day job, but building audience, getting feedback, and eventually cutting down to 5 days a week at work and not teaching summer school any more would be great. The money doesn't concern me as long as I'm doing a good job with story, character, and art. I'll be learning forever.
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  8. I liked the first few you posted, but I didn't truly enjoy it until after I went back and read it from the start. Following the whole tale has certainly allowed me to get more from each individual strip. I've added it to my list.

  9. Thank you!

    Nobody owes me anything just because I scribble stuff, and I always appreciate feedback, whether it's the pat on the back kind or the kick in the (you pick) kind. It's all educational.

    And thanks for the link! Food for my brain and imagination, to be sure.
  10. I went and looked at the link real fast and immediately bookmarked it for further study. Much to pay attention for me there.

    I dunno if you've seen my friend Matt Marino's work but he does a strip called Motobasturds around bikes.